man unpacking his stuff at college

Helping Your Teens Cope With a Move

Moving is tough on the whole family, but it can be even more devastating and stressful for a teenager. They’re right in the middle of high school, trying to navigate their social lives, making and keeping friends, and just being

woman marking off moving checklist

Why You Need a Home Inventory List

Got a move coming up? You can save yourself a lot of hassle and stress by getting organized from the get-go. Creating a home inventory list will help you in the packing and unpacking process, as it helps you keep

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Tips on Moving as a Single Parent

Moving is stressful as it is, but when you’re a single parent handling a move with your kids all on your own, that stress can be doubled. On top of the physical stress that comes with organizing, packing and actually

The Ultimate Moving House Cleaning Checklist

Moving homes ranks right up there on the list of stressful and frustrating moving experiences people will go through in their lifetimes. Cleaning house also tops the list of loathsome tasks homeowners face on the daily, which means cleaning in


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