Get Efficient Commercial Movers: Experience with Around the Block Moving

Anyone who’s ever run a corporate business knows that the organization should run like a machine.

An operation at that size and scale has immense potential to satisfy customers, support employees, and serve communities. But what happens when it’s time to head to a new location?

Moving a corporate entity can be a complex process. You likely have plenty of equipment, furniture, and supplies to transport. What’s more, you want the move to be done in a strategic manner, so your business can continue running smoothly.

Around the Block Moving Company is Dallas’s premier choice for moving corporate facilities from one location to the next. Whether you’re going across town or across Texas, you can count on us to bring the expert quality that working professionals will appreciate.

We Start Each Move with a Strategic Plan

The corporate environment is all about planning ahead. Not only does a set strategy put you on track and give you momentum, but it provides some structure in case the unexpected does happen.

We believe moves should be handled like this as well – especially for corporate entities.

The first step of our moving plan is the consultation. This is where we’ll get an understanding of what you need moved and where it’s going. This provides our team with the knowledge we need to organize everything.

The plan tells us what to bring along, how much transport space will be required, and the game plan for when we get to your new location. We also provide a written estimate so everyone in your organization and ours is on the same page with the plan.

Your Equipment is in Good Hands

Corporations know that every piece of equipment they have on hand is of some value to the business. One of the main concerns people have when moving involves their belongings being damaged. You’ll be happy to know we bring all the necessary supplies to handle your possessions with care, including:

Bubble wrap to safeguard items of all shapes and sizes

Custom crating to fit your equipment and inventory

Dollies, hand trucks, and straps for larger and heavier items

As any business owner knows, having the right tool for the job makes everything run smoother. Whether it’s your computer equipment or those motivational pictures up on the wall, we’ll give every item the secure treatment it needs.

What Happens When You Get to the Destination?

Another important step in our planning process is labeling. We’ll make sure that all items are sent to their appropriate area once we reach your destination.

The moving plan we created can be put on the appropriate buildings and doors of your new location. This way when our team arrives on site, they’ll know which items go where. It’s a sure way to get everything in the right position, and ensure there’s no wasted time or movement in having to bring items in only to switch them around to different rooms.

Did we mention we’ll also assemble your furniture and install modular units once we get it there? You can also count on us to take it apart if need be during the packing process.

What We Bring to Your Corporate Move

Corporations are the types of entities which combine credentials, legacy, and synergy to create consistent results. As such, any corporate move should be managed by an organization that has these same qualities.

We’ve been doing this since 1993. Our quarter-century record of excellence is echoed in our A+ rating with the BBB. We’re a talented team that works together both internally and with our customers, creating custom moving plans that fit every client’s unique needs.

Additional perks of working with us include:

  • 24/7 Service: We work on your schedule so it doesn’t cut into your operation’s hours
  • Fully Insured: Your belongings will be protected from unexpected harm
  • Free Boxes: Every move needs them, so there’s no need to worry about finding your own
  • Local or Long-Distance: No matter your destination, you’re guaranteed a great experience
  • Free Estimates: Get complete transparency on pricing with a free estimate

We bring everything you want in the corporate environment – teamwork, consistency, preparedness, versatility, and courtesy. Trust your facility’s big move to the best Dallas has to offer.


Who We Serve

Corporate entities are all focused on the singular goal of efficiency and returns for their shareholders – but they come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and industries.

If you’ve ever heard someone say your business model makes it hard for you to move, you’ve never met us. We make moves easy and efficient in these fields and more.

Hotels and Motels

While the standard residential move may see a few beds and furniture pieces being moved, hotel/motel moves see hundreds of them being moved. We deliver the consistent quality you want, so that every item for every unit will be delivered in pristine condition – your future guests will appreciate it.

Retail Stores and Interior Designers

Sales and design organizations typically have a lot of inventory, samples, and displays on hand. These aren’t just products – they’re the literal representations of what your company offers. We’ll be careful with them, because we prioritize your supplies and your success as much as you do.

Government Offices

Government bureaucracies have heavy workloads, tight timelines, and limited budgets. We help you balance your move within the confines of these parameters so you don’t get delayed and backed up with your operations.

Hospitals and Clinics

There’s perhaps no more important type of organization when a person is in need than a hospital or clinic. Whether we’re moving beds, surgical equipment, or waiting room furniture, we’ll be prompt and strategic so you can get on track to serving your patients in your new location.

Education Facilities and Nonprofits

Institutions of learning play a huge role in the lives of others, as do organizations like nonprofits that support noble causes. You can count on us to keep your equipment safe so you can start strong serving your new community.

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Let Around the Block Movers Manage Your Dallas Office Move

Moving time is definitely not just another day at the office.

This task is challenging for any environment, especially one as busy and important as the office. This administrative location functions as the front line and central hub of a company – so when it comes time to pack up and switch locations, there’s a lot to consider.

What about your equipment How can you stay on schedule? Could something get damaged? The questions can go on and on, but the universal answer to all your questions is simple – enlist the help of a professional moving company.

But don’t just call any company. Around the Block has been proudly serving offices and business environments for decades, and we’re committed to offering the professional quality you’d expect in an office setting.

office movers around the block

We’ve Been Around the Block for Over 25 Years

We’ve been around the block when it comes to managing office moves in professional locations. We know it’s different than moving someone from a house or apartment. Because of this, you can trust us to handle your situation with the specific requirements it brings.

Here are a few reasons you should consider us as your office moving partner:

  • We’ve been in the business of commercial moves since 1993
  • We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • We offer both local and long-distance moving options
  • We have plenty of positive reviews from previous customers
  • We’re fully insured for the protection of your property
  • We offer free estimates for transparent pricing

Our office is ready to help you manage your move 24/7. That’s right – we can schedule your move around your off hours, so you avoid as much downtime as possible.

It’s all part of our commitment to being the top choice for office managers in the Dallas and Fort Worth area who need a reliable moving specialist.

We Are Your Office Movers: We Move Everything the Office Has to Offer

Every office is different, but most of them have some similarities in terms of the equipment. If you picture one in your head, there are likely a few furnishings and fixtures that come to mind.

Our setup and strategy is centered around covering all the professional bases – every piece of equipment or set of supplies you need to be moved will be taken care of using proven techniques.

Let Us Haul Your Heavy Items the Safe Way

Think about all the heavy office furniture out there. A few of the most common furnishings of the typical office include:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Waiting room furniture
  • File cabinets
  • Worktables
  • Bookcases
  • Supply chests

We bring dollies and hand carts to ensure these items can be loaded safely, moved steadily, and loaded properly for transport. All heavy items are strapped and belted down, so you won’t have to worry about them sliding around.

We recommend preparing by locking cabinets and removing keys, removing breakable liquids like glue, and emptying files from drawers before transporting furnishings. You should also unplug all electronics and bundle the cord with them along with appropriate labeling.

Also as an added bonus, we assemble and disassemble furniture to make your move and your setup at the new location that much easier.

Don’t Worry – Sensitive Cargo is in Good Hands

Even though your larger items may be durable, we’ll still bubble wrap them for safety. This approach is also highly helpful for your smaller and more sensitive items.

Consider how many fixtures from the office are fragile due to their weight or their construction, such as:

  • Pictures and artwork
  • Electronics and office hardware
  • Inventory and supplies

Secure wrapping safeguards these items no matter how long the trip is. We also offer custom crating to fit everything your office has. Small location or massive, we’ve got you covered and we can get everything to its destination intact.

Help Us Help You with Proper Prep and Labeling

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office knows it’s a place of collaboration. Likewise, we encourage our customers to follow certain processes to help us deliver maximum satisfaction during the move.

We supply labels, which should be placed on items that are ready to go. Anything not labeled will be left. Don’t forget to include the smaller (but still important) items like rugs, wastebaskets, etc.

Labels should be placed on the sides of totes and boxes rather than the tops, since they’re stacked vertically in transit.

We’d also like information about where the items should go once they’re delivered – this helps us take everything right off the truck to where it needs to be, allowing us to combine the process of unpacking you and helping you set up your office for business in its new home.

Are you interested in modular office furniture? Contact Around the Block Moving to learn about our modular office services and supplies.


cubicle offices

Complete Relocation Services for Your Offices

When moving your office, some of the hardest things to move are your modular furniture. This includes all the furniture and structures that make up cabins and cubicles. Around the Block Moving Company has the experience required to make such a move effortless without causing any damage to the furniture. We have a dedicated team that can perform the installation and de-installation of all types of modular office furniture.

We also provide modular furniture maintenance for your offices. We provide new installations, reconfigurations, and moving services which are highly efficient. At Around the Block Moving , we know the office environment is geared toward cooperation and communication. That is why we work with our customers to come up with the best game-plan to complete their projects in the fastest way possible.

Some of the Packing Materials We Bring Along

Around the Block Moving has plenty of packing and moving services. We offer packing supplies for your modular offices.

  • Tape
  • Boxes
  • Cartons
  • Bubble wrap
  • Loose fill peanuts

Additional Moving Services Offered for Your Convenience

Modular furniture is a mainstay at many offices. Fortunately for you, we’re experts at working with this type of equipment. We can install it, break it down for transit, or even reconfigure it if you’d like to rethink your layout in your new location.

When it comes time to leave one office location, you may be surprised to discover just how many unneeded and throwaway items you’ve accumulated. The workplace can lead to these items piling up, so we offer junk removal to help you leave a clean and safe location behind when you go.

Call Around the Block for Your Big Office Move

There’s nothing like having the right office environment to ignite your productive spark.

When you’re heading to a fresh location, it’s a chance to reinvigorate yourself and your team. With Around the Block Moving at your service, you take the stress out of the experience and ensure you’ll be on track to success in your upcoming destination.

To help us schedule your move and prioritize it, get in touch with us quickly. You can visit us online here or give us a call.

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