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The Best Residential Movers to Move Your Home in Dallas

Finding a moving company for residential moves is a big decision you’ll want to consider carefully before making the final call. Not all residential movers operate the same way, and you might find that some movers are far more suited to your moving needs than others.

If you’re considering moving your Dallas home and looking for the best residential movers, you’re in luck. The expert moving services from Around the Block Moving will ensure that your residential move is successful and seamless, no matter the distance.

How does Around the Block Moving outperform other residential movers? Let’s explore our excellent moving services to help you understand why Around the Block Moving is your best choice for residential movers in Dallas.

What We Do

Around the Block Moving has extensive services to make your residential move successful and straightforward. Whether you’re making a short or long-distance move, the bottom line is that any type of residential move is stressful if you don’t have the proper guidance and support. Here’s a breakdown of what we do, the services we provide, and the excellent qualities our team has to guarantee a perfect move.

We Keep Your Possessions Safe at All Times

A primary concern of many people moving homes is the safety of their items. Your belongings are of utmost importance even if you are only traveling a short distance to your new home, and keeping them protected is one of the most important goals we strive for at ATB Moving.

When you choose ATB Moving for your Dallas move, your residential movers are equipped with the following to safeguard your belongings:

  • Blanket wrapping and padding for standard furniture, including sofas, tables, cupboards, shelves, televisions, and your refrigerator.
  • Shrink-wrapping your valuable items guarantees that everything is handled with care during transportation.
  • A sufficient supply of necessary packing materials, such as padding, foam peanuts, packing tape, bubble wrap, paper, crates, boxes, and blankets, to safely move your items no matter their size.

Our team of residential movers is trained to keep your items safe at all times and prepared to move anything you have. Our team is even trained in handling and safely transporting massive items like pianos from one location to another, making us ideal for all your safe packing needs.

We Disassemble and Reassemble Your Belongings for Easy Set Up

The last thing you want to do at the end of a long moving day is to start reassembling furniture and other belongings. With Around the Block movers, you won’t have to worry about this tedious process and can relax on your reassembled bed in your new home once the move is complete.

Our residential movers provide services, including a room-by-room disassembling process, to ensure that your furniture is disassembled and structured safely for a smooth transition and straightforward assembly when arriving at your new destination.

Upon arrival at your new home, our residential movers will provide you with complete unpacking and reassembly services to ensure that you can set up your new home efficiently. With our expert services, you won’t have to worry about improper assembly or losing vital parts of furniture that you need to put everything together.

Our Residential Movers Don’t Only Service Home-to-Home Moves

If you’re seeking residential movers for an apartment or condo, Around the Block has your back. ATB Moving has the best residential services, no matter where you’re moving or the type of property you’re moving into. Our residential moving services will cater to anything you need during this time, including the following for any residential move:

  • Local services for efficient moving in Dallas
  • Apartment moving services, from high-rise buildings to small studio apartments with tight spaces
  • Small and large household moving services with equally high-quality treatment
  • Customized packing services for residential moves anywhere in the Dallas area

We Save You Time and Energy

Moving to a new house should be an exciting time where you are free to explore your surroundings and adapt to your new environment. Experienced residential movers can make moving to a new home manageable and inexpensive. At Around the Block Moving, we understand that spending your time and energy moving from one place to another can take the excitement out of your new adventure.

By hiring our experienced residential movers, you will have the opportunity to explore your surroundings without wasting precious time and energy. Our team will focus on the moving part, so you can focus on the rest.

We Are a Cost-Effective Solution

The last thing you want to stress about when moving is costly moving services. Our residential movers know that buying a new home is a massive investment and provide cost-effective solutions and services to suit your budget.

The cost for our residential movers in Dallas is flexible and dependent on the number of workers moving your belongings, the total time spent moving, and the drive time from one residence to another. Around the Block Moving is the perfect solution to save money if you’re moving between residences in the Dallas area.

Worried about additional costs? We have some expert tips to help you lower moving costs when choosing ATB movers. For instance, the following considerations are often practical for reducing the cost of your move:

  • The more you pack yourself, the more time you will save–and money
  • Prepare to tell your team of residential movers what goes where
  • Mark your boxes depending on the room, so movers know where to place them without asking
  • Provide as much information as possible before moving

Our Benefits

ATB Moving outperforms the competition because of our numerous features and benefits that help us create a unique and effective solution to your moving needs. If you’re wondering why you should choose Around the Block movers for your residential move, look at the following list.

  • We offer free moving estimates
  • We provide service 24/7
  • We are fully insured
  • We provide free boxes with a guaranteed quote
  • We service any property, from homes to apartments to offices
  • Our residential movers are experienced, professional, and courteous
  • We offer packing and unpacking services to help you however you need
  • We can offer the best services for local or long-distance moves
  • We maintain an A rating with the BBB by prioritizing customer satisfaction and service.

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Around the Block Moving is the ideal service to help you with your upcoming move. Whether you are looking for help with a short or long-distance move, our residential movers are here to service anyone in the Dallas area. Contact us today to start planning your move and get a free moving estimate.


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