Saving money is on everyone’s mind these days. With moving being an expensive proposition, cutting corners where you can is always a wise idea. The one corner you don’t want to cut, though, is hiring professional movers to handle everything from logistics to packing.

Tips to Save Money on Your Mover

Check out these 13 handy tips for cutting moving costs.

1.     Hire an affordable moving company

When you hire a low-cost mover, you trim a big part of the moving costs. Because all movers are different, you should compare prices for at least three different companies. Don’t always go with the one that has rock bottom prices, as there may be surprises later on or sub-par services. But you can definitely do your research to find the most affordable mover that fits in your budget.

2.     Get in-home estimates

It’s always best to schedule in-home estimates so you get the most accurate price quotes possible. Don’t just accept a quote over the phone. Estimates not performed on site aren’t accurate, and you will likely end up paying more later.

3.     Ask for the best deals

There’s no harm in asking for a lower price if the one you’re quoted doesn’t fit your budget. If you’re moving during a slow period, they may meet you halfway. Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

4.     Book your move ASAP

Once you have found a reputable mover, why wait? Schedule your move as soon as possible so you’re on the books. Now that you have a date in mind, all your planning will revolve around that.

5.     Move during the off-season

If possible, move during the off-season when rates are lower and the movers aren’t as busy. Also, try moving during a weekday rather than a weekend or holiday, which is also cheaper.

6.     Get the moving insurance

While buying additional moving insurance will cost you a little more up front, it can save you a ton of money later if something goes wrong.

7.     Create a budget and stick to it

To control your finances throughout the moving process, you will need to create and stick to a moving budget. This will help you monitor where your money is going and make sure you don’t spend more than you want to along the way.

8.     Follow a checklist

Organize your move in the most efficient way possible, which will save you time and money. If you do all the prep work, packing and organizing beforehand, you won’t have to pay extra for labor services. Come up with a checklist, and check each task off as you go through each room.

9.     Declutter your home

Now’s the time to get rid of items you no longer need or want. Why should you pay to move stuff you don’t want? Long-distance movers charge based on shipment weight, so it makes sense that you would declutter before moving. You can throw broken or stained things in the trash, or hold a yard sale and sell your good quality stuff for a profit. You can also sell your stuff online to make some extra cash for the move.

10.  Pack yourself

If you have the time and supplies, pack on your own. But if you run into a time snafu and just can’t get it done, the money you use to hire your movers for packing will be money well spent.

11.  Get free boxes

Cardboard boxes are easily your biggest packing expense. Ask friends for free boxes, or hit your local liquor store or supermarket. They always have spare boxes they won’t use lying around. Paying for boxes can get pretty expensive!

12.  Ask for help

Even when you hire movers for the heavy stuff, you should also enlist the help of your friends to help with the small stuff. They can help you pack, provide child or pet care, and help you organize logistics on moving day. Be sure to provide snacks and refreshing drinks!

13.  Prevent property damage

Property damage can get expensive, so be sure to take all proper precautions – both in the house you’re leaving and in the house you’re moving to. You want to avoid scratched flooring, chipped walls, broken railings and broken belongings, which would all cost money to replace or fix.

Contact Around the Block Moving Company

Need more tips? Want to save money with the best movers around? We take care of all your moving and packing needs affordably and efficiently. Start off with a free quote when you contact us at 214-433-6764.


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