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If your business is expanding and you’ve decided to upgrade to a bigger place in Richardson, first off, congratulations are in order! Second, you’ll have to start looking for a mover who is skilled in office moving because a move of this magnitude can’t be handled alone. There are challenges to any office move, but with the proper planning and guidance, it can go very smoothly.

It’s wise to move your company to Richardson, with its booming economy and welcoming arms for businesses of all sizes, especially for entrepreneurs. In fact, Texas is #1 in terms of firm relocations from other states, according to Texas Economic Development. You can’t go wrong relocating to this vibrant and diversified business community, located in one of the strongest economic regions of the country.

This isn’t to say your office move won’t come with its unique set of challenges. You’ll have to be prepared for plenty of setbacks, delays and challenges along the way.

Plan it Out

Planning is critical. Even the smallest businesses need to set aside at least a day or two for packing, moving and unpacking. You can’t expect to have zero productivity losses throughout the process of moving, so it’s better to plan for those ahead of time. If you do this thoughtfully, you can protect your bottom line.

To minimize downtime, it’s best to move over a weekend if you can. Just be prepared to pay more for your movers, as they charge a premium on weekends and holidays. Even Fridays have high rates. Shoot for Monday through Thursday for the lowest rates. But if employee productivity means more to you than money, then by all means, schedule the relocation on a weekend.

If you do decide to move during the week, have your employees work from home those days so you don’t lose out on the work they can provide you. You’ll have movers to help you anyway, so you won’t need the extra assistance from employees.

Check the Layout

The new layout could pose a challenge if you haven’t sketched things out yet. If your new office is larger, you should be able to fit all your old furniture into the new space. But not always – sometimes the layout of your new office may be awkward in spots and not as accommodating to certain pieces of furniture.

If you’re downsizing, you’ll have to make some decisions as to which supplies, equipment and furniture will not make the trip. You can’t fit everything! Take the time to sketch out where you want things to go, reconfiguring as needed to make sure it fits the way you want it to. Make sure you know where all the electrical and phone connections are, where you can hang the TVs, where the receptionist desk will go and where the conference room will be. Map out storage spaces and shared workstations as well.

Don’t Overspend

You may have started off with a right budget, but it may go by the wayside later on if you’re not careful. Office moves are notorious for going over budget, due to the sheer logistics involved. Ask for quotes from local vendors, movers, utility companies, and more, filling in your budget with the most cost effective choices. Just remember that while a budget is a strong guide, it is subject to change, at least a little bit. There will be delays and emergencies that may eat into the budget, as well as the cost of lost productivity.

Coordination is Key

Lack of coordination is the downfall of many office moves. Keeping everyone on the same page can be a bit of a challenge, especially with a larger businesses. This is why you should hire a project manager to ensure everything goes according to plan. Be sure to keep your employees in the loop so they can help you stick to a schedule. Notify your vendors and clients so they know when you’re making the switch. Call utility companies well beforehand to ensure seamless integration into the new place. Having no phones or Internet when you first move in is a big challenge that’s hard to overcome.

Contact Around the Block Moving Company

Here at Around the Block, we are well-versed in all manner of office moves in Richardson. To get a free commercial moving quote to start everything off on the right foot, contact us at 214-433-6747.



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