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What to Pack First and Last

So you’re prepping for a move and you get to the packing part: easily the most complicated of the process. You may hit a wall in terms of what you should be prioritizing. Here’s what to pack first and last

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Best Places to Retire in Texas

If retirement is on the horizon and you want to kick off your Golden Years somewhere new, you may want to consider Texas. The Lone Star State is the second largest by area and population, bordering Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and

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Tips on Moving a Fish Tank

Moving is hard enough without having to tackle such a big and delicate item as a fish tank. And when you add in living things – those fish are quite vulnerable you know – it gets 10x more difficult. The

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Why Use Picture Moving Boxes?

When moving all your stuff to a new house, it’s important to pack your fragile and expensive items the right way to avoid costly damage. You shouldn’t put breakables in boxes with items such as kitchen supplies or toys because

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Tips For Moving With Pets

Is your move fast-approaching? Are you starting to panic because you have pets such as dogs or cats that could pose a problem come moving day? It’s OK, take a deep breath and relax. Moving is a stressful experience for

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What You Should NOT Pack Before a Move

Now that you’re about to move and begin the packing phase, you may wonder what needs to be packed beforehand (or even at all) and what can wait till the last minute. Some things, like plants, can’t really be packed,

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Perks of Moving Your Business to Dallas

If you own a business and are thinking of relocating, you may have considered Dallas. Wise choice. There are many reasons to move your business here. Dallas’ business-friendly environment attracts companies of all kinds and sizes to its lively and


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