Top 13 Ways to Reduce Moving Costs in Frisco

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With a move on the horizon to Frisco, home to 211,000, you understandably want to reduce your costs as much as you can. After all, moving is not cheap. There are many costs associated with relocating your house or office, such as hiring movers, transportation costs, gas and temporary lodging expenses.

The cost of living in Frisco is 1% higher than the national average, and the average salary here is $84,000 a year. Saving money on your impending move is likely front of mind for you. However, it’s not always smart to cut corners on some things. For instance, a good use of your budget is to hire movers, who can actually help you save money in the long run.

Some Handy Cost-Cutting Tips

Let’s talk about 13 other ways you can cut your Frisco moving costs.

1.     Hire an affordable mover

Affordability is certainly a factor in choosing a mover, but don’t go for the movers with the rock bottom prices. They are likely not telling you something, whether that’s the fact that they aren’t licensed or insured, or that they may surprise you with big fees later on.

Call three different companies, at least, and gather costs from each. Middle of the road pricing is where you want to be. This will ensure you choose a mover who can meet your budgetary requirements and who has reasonable prices.

2.     Ask for in-home estimates

Be sure to schedule an in-home estimate for the most accuracy in pricing. Don’t rely on a simple phone estimate, as there’s no way to tell you with any certainty what your actual price will be without seeing what you have. Because estimates that are not performed on site are not always accurate, you will probably end up paying more in the end. An in-home estimate will also allow your movers to plan for moving day, as they assess tight corners, steep stairs, etc.

3.     Ask for a deal

It’s not against the law to ask your mover for a deal or discount. In fact, many movers have seasonal deals to draw in customers. If the price you get doesn’t gel with your budget, don’t be afraid to ask if they can do better. Moving prices are sometime negotiable, depending on whether it’s their slow season or busy season. Negotiation can get you some good deals, but you have to ask.

4.     Book your move quickly

Once you’ve settled on a reputable mover, schedule your move as soon as possible so you can secure your place. When you have a concrete date in mind, this allows all your other planning tasks to fall into place. That moving date is what everything else will revolve around, from starting your kids in a new school to giving your employer a start date.

5.     Try moving during the off-season

If you can, move during the off-season such as winter. Because movers aren’t as busy, they often will quote lower rates to get your business. Another money-saving tip is to move on a weekday rather than a holiday or weekend, which tend to be busier and more expensive times.

6.     Get moving insurance

By law, moving companies have to supply insurance on the goods they transport. However, this is a barebones amount and likely won’t cover the cost of your more valuable items should they break or get lost. Buy additional moving insurance to protect your valuables, even though this may initially cost you more. In the end, you won’t be responsible for paying for damage.

7.     Create a budget

To stay in control of your finances throughout the process, create and stick to a realistic budget so you can better monitor where your money goes. This will also help ensure you’re not spending more in some areas than you want to.

8.     Follow a checklist

Organization is key to any move. To make sure your move is the most efficient it can possibly be, write or print out a checklist to follow. When you DIY all the prep work, de-cluttering and packing beforehand, you don’t have to pay extra for those services. Check off each task as you complete it.

9.     Declutter each room

Take this opportunity to get rid of items you don’t need anymore. Because long-distance movers charge based on the total weight of the shipment, you can save a lot of money by decluttering before moving. Hold a yard sale or sell stuff online to make extra money for your move.

10.  Pack yourself

Got the time, patience and supplies? Why not handle all the packing yourself? This will save you money. However, if you run into a time crunch, hire your movers to do it for you, and take something out of the budget from elsewhere to cover the cost.

11.  Collect free boxes

Cardboard boxes are surprisingly expensive. And because you need a lot of them, you can save a ton of money by collecting free boxes instead. Ask your neighbors or head to your local liquor store or supermarket for spare boxes.

12.  Ask for help

Even if you have chosen to hire movers to handle the heavy stuff, you will still need help in the form of organization, logistics, and even pet and child care. Ask for help from friends and family so you don’t get overwhelmed. Reward them with snacks and promises of a housewarming party when you’re all settled.

13.  Prevent property damage

Property damage, as you know, is costly. Take all necessary precautions in both houses so you don’t end up having to pay to repair scratched flooring, broken railings, chipped walls, and broken belongings.

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