Best Ways to Unpack and Settle in After Moving to McKinney

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With a move to McKinney looming, you may be thinking ahead to how you will unpack and settle in once the logistics of the relocation are done with. You want to make sure all your weeks of packing will pay off, making for a successful transition into your new home and neighborhood.

Once the movers have delivered all your boxes and furniture intact, it’s up to you to get everything put away in its place. Here are some tips to think about when unpacking in your new home in McKinney, population 203,000.

Break Up Tasks

It’s a mistake to view the entire house as one single project. It’s better to step back and take each room or area as a single entity so you don’t get overwhelmed. No one wants to get overwhelmed or stressed with a million mountains of boxes or containers. By breaking down the unpacking process into a series of small steps, you will ensure a stress-free experience.

Start Small, Take Your Time

It can be tempting to rush when you just want to settle in and relax. But think of this time as a period of transition. No, everything won’t be neat and perfect. But you will have peace of mind knowing you’re going slow and everything will be in its place eventually. Taking baby steps gives you a sense of accomplishment room by room. As you make progress, you can check the task off your to-do list, which is surprisingly satisfying.

Reward Yourself As You Go

It can be stressful to unpack, rearrange, and organize, especially when you have kids or pets underfoot. Reward yourself throughout the process with little perks. If you dedicated a whole weekend to unpacking a few rooms, take the next night off and go to the movies with your spouse, or have a family pizza picnic night. If you just put away all your kitchen gadgets, take a minute for a head-clearing walk or a cup of coffee sipped in peace.

Positive reinforcements work for everyone in your family, too. Reward the kids with some screen time or a piece of candy when they have unpacked their toys or organized their closet.

Set Goals

Setting small goals along the way will serve to break up the monotony of your tasks and make them more manageable. For example, you could vow to unpack and organize your home office by the end of the week. A priority list will help immensely.

Throw a Housewarming Party

Schedule a housewarming party within a month of your move-in date so you have a deadline to inspire you. With that party looming, you will be much less inclined to procrastinate and drag your feet. It’s helpful to know you will have to soon entertain guests, and this can help when prioritizing the areas that need to be addressed first.

Identify Challenges

Some items that have to be unpacked just aren’t a priority, such as your book collection that you’ve already read or all those dusty picture frames. These projects may have to go on the back burner because you’ll first have to install shelving to accommodate them. You can put off simple display projects indefinitely so you can focus on more important items such as bedding, electronics and small appliances.

Save Décor For Last

Functionality, comfort and safety should come first when unpacking. It can be overwhelming when you are trying to address décor challenges before you have even unpacked the bathroom. Leaving décor for last will reduce your stress level and prevent the need to change things again once you’re done unpacking. Understand what makes the most logical use of space and time, and how you can achieve the most efficient access.

Décor only gets in the way and slows your process down. Try not to make any permanent fixes until you’re confident everything is in its place. You always step back and adjust things later when it comes to appearance and flow.

Settling In

Once the packing is done and you’re starting to relax, your goal should shift to the settling in portion of the move. To reward yourself with a job well done, you can either stay in or go out.


Staying In

  • Order Takeout: It’s time to treat yourself and order takeout. There will be plenty of days ahead of you to cook. Besides, you’re tired and don’t feel like getting dressed up and going out. Who has the energy to turn on the stove after a long week of packing?
  • Have a Game Night: If you’ve already unpacked all the board games or card decks, clear a space on the table or floor. Devote a few hours with family and friends to have some much-needed laughs and to recharge your batteries.
  • Movie Night: Even if your TV isn’t hooked up yet, you can watch a streaming movie on your laptop. Have everyone in the family cast their vote and then snuggle up with some popcorn and hot chocolate.

Going Out

  • Dinner: Not in the mood to tap into your inner Julia Child? Explore your new city and try out a new restaurant. Go out for ice cream afterwards for dessert.
  • Movie: No need to rush to install the TV or cram in front of your laptop. Hopefully, there’s a local movie theater where you can take in the latest flick with your significant other.
  • Event: Scour the upcoming events of your community to see if there’s a sports game or theater performance you can attend for a night of unwinding. The remaining boxes will still be there when you return in a few hours.
  • Take a Walk: This is a good chance to walk around the block, meet your new neighbors, and get familiar with the layout. Explore nearby parks or trails and take note of fun activities to engage in later.

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