Frustrated facing a packing job for your home office or den move in Allen? No worries. All you have to do is partner with a moving company that offers packing services on top of relocation services. Hint: Around the Block Moving Company does it all! We offer these proven home office packing tips to assist you in your next move.

We understand how tricky packing a home office can be, particularly when it involves sensitive documents, fragile electronics and expensive computers. It’s vital that you properly pack your home office or den so that none of your documents or pieces of equipment are misplaced during the move.

Around the Block’s home office packing tips break your home office down by section, providing guidelines on how to best pack each piece. From books to office furniture, it takes time to methodically pack everything so it makes the trip safely and efficiently. Moving your home office to or from Allen, TX, home to 103,000 people? We handle moves of this caliber all the time to this suburb of Dallas with strong job and business growth, and a low cost of living.

Here are our tried and true tips.

First, De-Clutter

Before you start to pack anything, start with a deep clean of the space, and that includes de-cluttering. This is especially important if you don’t tend to sort and file papers on the regular. Make a pile of any papers you don’t need any longer and shred them before you dispose of them. You may even want to do away with paper copies altogether by scanning and digitizing everything.

If you have old and outdated electronics you no longer want but can sell or donate, digitally wipe them all beforehand. Properly dispose of all electronics at your local recycling center.

Take this opportunity to sort out books and magazines you know you will never read, anything that contains outdated information, and anything that’s broken or that you no longer need, such as broken cables or extra charging cords.

Get the Proper Supplies

Next up, you need the proper supplies in order to pack. Stock up on:

  • Boxes – including book and file boxes
  • Plastic bins for good books and important documents
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Masking and packing tape
  • Markers and pens
  • Notepad

Home Office Packing Tips

Your home office contains lots of important paperwork and legal papers. Set them aside beforehand in a safe spot. You should plan on taking them with you in your car. You should also list computer equipment and other valuables exceeding $100 per pound on your “High Value Inventory” form so that you get proper valuation coverage.

When it comes to your personal computer, printer, scanner or other equipment, begin by:

  • Disconnecting and marking all wires and cables for easy assembly
  • Detaching paper holders/feeders from printers
  • Wrapping monitors and additional hardware like you would other home electronics
  • Removing toner and ink cartridges
  • Backing up all of your computer files on DVDs or other file storage disks and devices
  • Consulting your PC user manual for additional precautions and instructions.

For books, begin by:

  • Packing books of the same size together in small book cartons.
  • Packing them flat or with the spine touching the carton’s bottom. Never pack them with the spines facing upward; glue may break away from the binder.
  • Individually wrap expensively bound volumes or those of sentimental value prior to packing.

For modular office furniture: You will need to dismantle this prior to moving day, using tape to mark where each piece goes together. Keep all hardware together (including nuts and bolts, and drawer pulls) in one spot, preferably in a plastic bag or old coffee can.

For framed diplomas, photographs, certificates, or artwork: Carefully package them in bubble wrap and protect the corners and edges with cardboard. Tape an X across the glass so fragments stay together if damaged.

We hope our home office packing tips will provide you with the guidance you need when it’s time to box up all of your important belongings. When you take the time to do them correctly, your home office items will arrive in the same condition as when they left. When you start to unpack, you will thank yourself, as it will be very easy to implement everything neatly into your new space.

Then, you’ll have plenty of time to explore what Allen has to offer. Maybe you will even have some time to get out and explore things like the many hiking and biking trails here, the Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve and the Allen Heritage Center.


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