How Do I Move With No Job and No Money?

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Most people relocate only once they have secured a job in their new city. However, for whatever reason, you may have to move without having a job at all. This means you may have little to no money to manage such a move. What can you do? Here are some tips.

Re-Evaluate Your Decision

Moving isn’t cheap. If your funds are very lean, you may want to step back and re-consider your decision to move. You may not have a choice, such as in the case of an ill family member or a divorce. But other times, you may realize you’re really not in a hurry to move. If it’s possible to put off your move so you can have time to save up or find a new job, things will be a lot less stressful in the end.

Be Realistic

Do your research before you finalize plans. Determine the cost of living in the new location, how much you will realistically be able to save before your move, and how much you will need for living expenses (food, utilities, rent, and an emergency fund to help you through if you don’t get a job right away). Try not to engage in overly-optimistic planning and do not expect to live off your credit cards.

Start Saving Now

Start saving money as soon as you make the decision to move. Even with a finalized budget, you may come up against some extra or unplanned expenses. Always save beyond what you think you will need.

Get Frugal

Moving on a tight budget and with no job means you have to get quite thrifty. Shop around for an affordable moving company, first of all. Then start collecting as many free boxes and other moving supplies as you can. Enlist the help of friends who can help out on the day of moving, perhaps taking a few loads with them in their cars for the small stuff.

Sell Stuff

Sell some of your stuff not only to lighten the load when you move but to give you some extra cash. Keep the essentials so you don’t have to buy new stuff once in the new place.

Ask for Help

You may have to ask for a small loan from parents, or ask to stay with friends for a bit as you settle in. Bottom line is, it’s OK to ask for help when moving on a tight budget.  You don’t have to go it alone. Moving is stressful but a move with no job and no money to a brand new place is even more stressful.

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