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You’re making an excellent choice moving to Richardson, TX! We ought to know: we live and work here too! As your go-to full-service Richardson movers operate throughout Richardson and it’s surrounding communities, our qualified team does it all, from comprehensive moves to packing and storage too.

We are equally skilled in office moves as we are in home or apartment moves. It’s our job to handle any size or type of move you may need. No challenge is too large or small, from moving your entire office to relocating from one home to the next.

When you need to partner with professionals who have top-notch experience and skills, call Around the Block Moving. We work hard to achieve your 100 percent satisfaction when it comes to your move in Richardson.

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Our company has established a solid reputation in the area for providing exceptional moving services. With our extensive experience and expertise, we ensure that your move is handled efficiently and smoothly, minimizing any stress or complications. Our team of highly trained and professional movers is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. We prioritize the safety and security of your belongings, employing proper packing techniques and utilizing reliable equipment to safeguard your items throughout the entire moving process. Moreover, our company offers a wide range of services, including packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and even storage solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Services in Richardson, TX

We are proud to be the community’s trusted moving company in Richardson, offering these services to all:

When it comes to your moving needs, contacting Around the Block Moving for a free quote is a smart choice. With  our expertise and experience in the industry, we are dedicated to providing top-notch moving services tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of professional movers understands the importance of a seamless and stress-free relocation, and we prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

By reaching out to Around the Block Moving, you can expect personalized attention and a comprehensive assessment of your moving needs, ensuring an accurate quote that fits your budget. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, addressing any concerns or questions you may have. With our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and utmost care for your belongings, contacting Around the Block Moving for a free quote is the first step towards a successful and hassle-free move.

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Richardson Loves Around the Block

Around the Block has been given a 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 238 reviews

Jim Trout
Jim Trout
Had a great experience with ATB moving 9/17. Professional 3 man crew didn't waste time with an efficient load and go. I'll want that crew next time.
Katie Ginther
Katie Ginther
Antoine and Donnie were efficient and quick with my move. They did a great job and I will use them in the future for sure!
Hannah Menhart
Hannah Menhart
Antoine and his team were very fast and courteous. I appreciated the care they had for my items and they finished so quickly! Overall very professional and helpful. I will definitely be using them again when I am ready for another move.
Roland Faricy
Roland Faricy
Frank and Donnie were super fast and hard working, and made my move happen in no time! 10/10 would recommend this service to others, and recommend that you request Frank and Donnie for the job.Thanks guys!
Cindy Fitch
Cindy Fitch
Antonio, Fred, & Frank were all extremely friendly, courteous, and professional. I will definitely recommend and will ask for them on any future moves.
They showed up right on time and were very friendly. Got everything to my new place intact and efficiently.
Yamel Hernandez
Yamel Hernandez
They took great care of me & helped me get everything settled out properly
David Lawrence
David Lawrence
The move was fast and easy! The movers arrived ahead of schedule and started right away. I would definitely recommend Around the Block and would use them again myself!
Anna Mulle
Anna Mulle
Around the Block was great! Super professional and efficient, and they really helped make my move a breeze.
Wilson Kerr
Wilson Kerr
Fantastic service and a quick seamless move! These folks are great!
They communicated well. They called letting me know their status with other jobs and when they would arrive
They all went above and beyond it in our big old stuff and tons of book boxes and 106 index heat and they just kept going.No complaining, polite very hard workers. efficient and worked real smooth with each other cordinating. Great communication between me ,the company and the workers.Prices this is extremely wonderful compared to other companies. But nothing match the quality of the workers and the coordinators in the office.Everyone gave extra effort and everything they did. Such care wrapping everything making sure it was secured careful of all items even if they were old and torn up to begin with they treated every piece of my property as it was brand new and very expensive. Highly recommend for anyone, wanting a happy move and hassle free.Thank you very kindly
Ronny Carney
Ronny Carney
Richard, Spencer, and Frank were professional from start to finish. Very explanative in the entire process, super kind and courteous and careful with all of my items. I would trust these guys with the most priceless things because their attention to detail is absolutely spot on. Not only do you have a customer for life, but I can actually look forward to moving in the future. Thanks Around the Block Moving for making moving fun!
Richard and Frank were amazing! On time, friendly, very quick, just a pleasure to work with.
Amanda Black
Amanda Black
They did amazing! Went above and beyond for us with our appliances and ensuring everything was well protected. Would 100% recommend and would use again!
Came to the rescue with impeccable timing and great attitudes!
Ryan Voehringer
Ryan Voehringer
10/10. Spencer and Richard were great and did the move very fast. Will definitely request you guys next time I move!
Brian Roland
Brian Roland
Pat and Spencer did an amazing job. This is 4th move with Around The Block
Lyric Alicea
Lyric Alicea
Spencer and Richard did an amazing job! Super efficient and very nice! Would highly recommend using Around the Block Moving for your move!
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Richardson Moving Services

  • Residential Moving

    Our residential relocation services includes apartments, condos, townhomes, homes, and more.

  • Corporate Moving

    The goal of a corporate move is to be as time-efficient and cost-effective as possible. We can help!

  • Office Moving

    If you are moving offices across the street or the DFW metroplex, we can help. Get a free estimate today!

  • We offer local and long distance moving services. We can move you across Dallas or across the country.

    We offer local and long distance moving services. We can move you across Richardson or across the country.

  • Packing Services

    Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of relocation. Let our professional packers help get your ready.

  • Piano Moving

    Hiring an expert is important when it comes to piano movers. They are very valuable and need to the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do movers cost in Richardson, Texas?

The cost of movers in Richardson, Texas, can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the move, distance,  and services required. For long-distance moves or larger households, we would love to provide an estimate based on factors like the weight of your belongings or the distance of the move. Contact Around the Block Moving to get a quote specific to your needs.

Do you provide packing services in Richardson?

Absolutely! We know that packing can be overwhelming, daunting and one of the worst parts of the move. Therefore, we provide full packing services to make your move easier. We can pack your belongings quickly, efficiently and with a lot of care. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will strive to make you happy with our packing services.

Why should I hire Around the Block Moving over another company?

When it comes to choosing a moving company, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider hiring Around the Block Moving over other options. We have built a strong reputation for providing exceptional service in Richardson and the surrounding areas. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have honed our skills to ensure a smooth and efficient moving process. Our team of dedicated professionals go above and beyond to prioritize customer satisfaction, taking great care with your belongings and handling them with the utmost attention to detail. Additionally, Around the Block Moving offers a comprehensive range of services, including packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and even storage solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our transparent and competitive pricing, combined with our commitment to reliability and professionalism, sets us apart from other moving companies. By choosing Around the Block Moving, you can have peace of mind knowing that your move will be handled with care, efficiency, and a personalized touch that sets them apart in the industry.

Why Hire Our Professional Movers?

Hiring our professional movers comes with a multitude of benefits that make your moving experience smooth, efficient, and stress-free. Our team of highly trained and experienced movers brings a wealth of expertise to every move, ensuring that your belongings are handled with care and precision. With our extensive knowledge of packing techniques and efficient loading strategies, we maximize space utilization while safeguarding your items from any damage during transit. Our movers are equipped with the right tools and equipment to tackle any moving challenges, from bulky furniture to fragile possessions. Additionally, our professional movers are skilled in navigating through tight spaces, staircases, and other logistical obstacles, saving you time and effort. By entrusting your move to our professionals, you can relax knowing that every aspect of your relocation is being managed with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Also Serving: Dallas and McKinney

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Why Move to Richardson, TX?

Richardson, Texas, is a vibrant and diverse city located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Known for its strong sense of community, Richardson offers a blend of suburban charm and urban amenities. The city boasts a thriving economy, with a significant presence of technology and telecommunications companies, earning it the nickname “The Telecom Corridor.” Richardson is home to several prestigious educational institutions, including the University of Texas at Dallas, contributing to a dynamic and educated population.

The city also takes pride in its extensive park system and recreational facilities, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and community gatherings. Richardson embraces cultural diversity, hosting various festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate different traditions and cuisines. With its convenient location, excellent schools, robust business environment, and a high quality of life, Richardson is a welcoming and vibrant city that offers something for everyone.


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