Moving into a new place can be downright overwhelming. You’re staring at four white walls, a cluster of boxes and not much else. You don’t have the same freedom of expression that homeowners do. As a renter, you’re a bit more restricted in terms of paint colors, installations, and constructions.

That being said, there are still many ways that you can add a personalized touch to your space and prepare it for living. Here are seven tips for turning your new apartment into a cozy home.

1.    Get Rid of the Boxes

First off, stop living out of boxes and get everything unpacked as soon as you can. Your hectic work schedule and busy personal life may mean it takes a few days, but just don’t ignore the giant stack of boxes for weeks at a time. You can ensure your apartment feels homier right away when you unpack everything as soon as possible.

2.    Unpack the Big Things

It’s best to unpack set up all the big stuff you have first, such as lamps, furniture and anything that must be assembled, such as bookcases and shelving. This will help you come up with a blueprint for your new space, determining where everything else will go.

3.    Make Your Bed

Nothing says comfortable and cozy like a freshly made bed. Set up your bed right away, throw some new bedding on there, and relax as you contemplate your next move. It’s easier to feel more at home when you have a central location where you can go to de-stress.

4.    Prep the Bathroom

By setting up your bathroom, you’re creating a sense of comfort and familiarity. Start with the essentials, such as stocking the toilet paper and adding towels to the closet. Then, tackle the medicine cabinet and consider how you want your new sink and vanity to look.

5.    Open Up the Space

Feeling a bit claustrophobic in your new, smaller space? One easy way to open it up is to open the windows. Install soft incandescent bulbs to replace the lack of natural light.

6.    Unpack a Piece of Home

Especially if you’ve moved from far away (college student? First time on your own?), it’s important to unpack the things that make you think of home first. Set out photos of friends and family, hang up your favorite posters, and set up that hamper you’ve had since you were a teen. Not only will this make the place look more familiar, you’ll reminisce as you pull the items out.

7.    Host a Dinner

If you moved close by and still have friends, family and co-workers in the vicinity, host a dinner or small group gathering. You’ll feel right at home as soon as you hear all your closest friends chatting, laughing and enjoying themselves in your new apartment.

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