What You Should NOT Pack Before a Move

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Now that you’re about to move and begin the packing phase, you may wonder what needs to be packed beforehand (or even at all) and what can wait till the last minute. Some things, like plants, can’t really be packed, while other things, like perishable foods and flammable items, shouldn’t make the trip in the first place.

To guide you through your home move, here’s a checklist of what you shouldn’t pack.

Items You Shouldn’t Pack

  1. House plants – While plants can warm up your home and add a natural decorative touch, you shouldn’t take them with you. If you do, you can’t pack them in the traditional way. You may want to see if the new homeowners want them and you can leave them behind to save the hassle. Sometimes, it’s illegal for your movers to transport plants across state lines because they may be invasive species. Either way, you shouldn’t take your plants with you because if they tip over, they can suffer irreparable damage and make a big mess with spilled soil. If you must transport your plants (and it’s legal to do so in your state), put them in your car and transport them personally.
  2. Perishable Foods – Perishable foods don’t last. They will go bad, spill, and rot if not refrigerated, leading to nasty odors and big messes. Consider donating them to your local food bank or give them to your friends and neighbors. Keep a few perishable items with you for the car ride to the new destination. A cooler filled with drinks and sandwiches is a great idea for hungry travelers.
  3. Flammable Items – You cannot pack flammable items on a moving truck, as they are dangerous to move and pose a safety threat – not to mention this is illegal. Among the items your movers won’t take include firearms and fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, and aerosol cans. Before the move, drop these off at your local hazardous waste site to be properly disposed of. At the same time, drain the fuel from your lawn mower and power tools before moving them.

To stay safe and remain within the law, heed the above tips on what not to pack. Call your mover for any additional specific restrictions they may have.

Items You Can Get Away With Not Packing

Now, there are some items that you definitely need to take with you but that you don’t have to pack as delicately as you would valuables or breakables.

  1. Clothing – Weed through all your clothing and donate or sell what you haven’t used or worn in a year. If you’re moving to a locale where the seasons don’t necessitate certain clothing items, get rid of them. Roll up the remaining clothing or pack lightly in boxes.
  2. Bulky Items – DVDs and books take up lots of space, along with unused laptops, desktop computers, and DVD players. Donate these or sell them before your move.
  3. Papers – You’ll have to transport important documents with you, but you don’t need to take everything. Keep marriage licenses, birth certificates, and financial records. Shred anything that’s outdated or bulky, scanning them first to your computer.
  4. Bathroom Items – Most of what’s in your bathroom’s medicine cabinet is expired or no longer needed. Throw out your old prescriptions, creams and anything else you haven’t used in months. You can always replace those items in the new place.
  5. Old Furniture – Furniture is bulky and heavy to get from one place to another. Consider trashing old or broken pieces, or donating and selling the good condition pieces.
  6. Garage Junk – Your garage houses lots of things you just don’t use. Go through it all and toss what you no longer need. Properly dispose of any chemicals and cleaners, such as insect killer, fertilizer, and old paint.
  7. Appliances – If you’re updating all your appliances in the new place, donate your old appliances to a local charity.
  8. Bedding – All your old mattresses and blankets should be thrown out and switched out for new ones. They can harbor dust mites and allergens that are making you sick.

What to Keep

Here’s a quick list of what you should keep for your move:

  1. First Night Bag – This should include a change of clothes, toothbrush, blanket, toiletries, and prescription medications so you don’t have to dig through piles of boxes on your first night in the new home.
  2. Heirlooms – Any item with sentimental value should be kept. If you can’t bring it all with you, take pictures of the items and scan to your computer.
  3. Difficult-to-Replace Items – From expensive artwork to antiques, take any irreplaceable and valuable items with you.


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