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If you’re contemplating a much-awaited move to Dallas, there may be a strong reason compelling you to do so: family ties. Perhaps you moved away when you were younger but now that you have a family of your own, you want to move back home to be closer to your parents. Whatever the case, family is a great reason to be closer to them in Dallas. However, this move also has its drawbacks. Let’s go over both.


1.     More Family Time

Of course, this is one of the main reasons you would move to Dallas: to be geographically closer to family. This makes it much easier to ask the parents to babysit, or meet up with your brother for brunch or catch a movie with your dad. Plus, you will never miss another birthday party, anniversary party, recital, play or any other important social event. Your parents will get to watch your kids grow up and you will be able to care for your parents if they are getting on in years.

2.     Support Network

Being close to family means you have a built-in support network when you need help. Initially, they can help welcome to you the new city, show you around, and introduce you to new people. As you get adjusted, that support network gets even deeper. They are there when you need to talk about something, they are there to help out with the kids, and they are there when you need advice.

3.     New Opportunities

Maybe you’ve gotten quite stagnant where you’re currently living. Maybe you feel out of touch or in a rut, professionally or personally. Moving to Dallas to be with family can expose you to new opportunities, new ways of thinking, a new career choice, better social scene, better access to healthcare, better cost of living…whatever the case may be, Dallas opens up a whole new world to you, led by family and friends you have known your whole life.


1.     No Escape

The things that may initially draw you to live near family in Dallas may end up being an inconvenience after a while. All those birthday parties, recitals, and cookouts you missed out on before because you lived too far away can come at you full speed once you live right there. You’ll be expected to attend everything without question, which can be a burden if you’re trying to start a new life. You’re also subjected to the “pop-in” when parents, siblings and friends feel they can stop by unannounced. Over time, you may grow to resent this closeness just a little bit.

2.     Your Options are Limited

If all of your family already lives in a particular area of Dallas, you may have to make some compromises in order to live near them. That means you have limited choices in neighborhoods, school systems, budgets, doctors, jobs and more. In turn, you may have to settle for living in an area that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise, just so you can be closer to family members. Of course, this could work out in your favor as well. You may initially think you’re “forced” into living in a particular neighborhood you didn’t think you’d care for, but you end up loving it and never wanting to leave.

3.     Difficulty Finding Balance

Being close to family doesn’t mean you stop having your own identity. Maybe you’re grandparents to the two cutest little kids on the planet, and while you did move to Dallas to be closer to them, this doesn’t mean you are expected to give up on your retirement dreams of traveling, for instance. You still have things you want to accomplish, goals to reach, dreams to achieve. Sometimes living so close to family and the obligations they bring could lead you to put your own interests and pastimes to the side so you can spend more time with them. That’s all well and good, but you don’t want to lose yourself in the process.

Now that you have explored the pros and cons of moving closer to family in Dallas, you can make an educated decision. We hope you decide to move here, as it’s an amazing city with lots to offer, whether you move for family or not. Our professionals can help you get here.

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