Local Moving Services in Dallas-Ft. Worth

At Around the Block Moving Company, we live up to our name by providing exceptional local moving services. With decades of experience in the moving industry, we’ve learned exactly what customers look for in a relocation partner.

Our full range of services can support any type of relocation. This comprehensive approach was designed to save you time and money. When you reach out to any one of our locations in Dallas, Richardson, and McKinney, you can feel confident knowing all your moving needs are covered.


How Can We Help You on Your Relocation Journey?

The moving process contains many important tasks and challenges. Much of the difficulty comes from the fact that moving is a balancing act of sorts.

You have to stay on schedule, protect your property, and get yourself prepared for the next chapter in life. You can pack away your worries when you call us, because we’ll provide the helping hands you need.

Packing and Unpacking

The first thing most people think about when moving is the packing process. It’s a big job, and the way it’s done will impact the safety of your belongings. Not only can we pack up everything you have, we also supply packing materials, such as:

  • Boxes and crates
  • Blankets, wraps, and padding
  • Foam peanuts, paper, and tape

From heavy furniture and pianos to antiques and electronics and everything in between, our team is trained to move your items with care and skill. We’ll even help you unpack once we reach your destination.

Professional Storage Space

Sometimes it seems the more you pack up, the less room you have. The moving process can take up quite a bit of space, and it can also make you realize just how many items you’ve accumulated throughout the years.

Our storage services are highly valuable when you want to declutter before a move, or when your moving dates don’t line up perfectly. We can load to and from these units for your convenience, and the spaces are:

  • Climate controlled
  • Alarm protected
  • Monitored 24/7

The palletized storage spaces are also equipped with industrial shelving and sprinkler systems. They’re designed to be a safe, convenient home to your items for short- and long-term needs.

With locations in Dallas, Richardson, and McKinney, our professional moving team can provide packing, unpacking, storage, and transport for your relocation journey.

No Matter Your Destination, We’re Your Partner

At Around the Block Moving Company, we pride ourselves on being the versatile expert our customers can depend on in any situation. Whether you’re moving to a new home, relocating your office, or embarking on a long-distance journey, our team is here for you.

Residential Moving

Moving homes can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. We handle the specifics of the move so you can be there for your family and plan ahead for this next chapter of your life. Let our professional family serve you and yours with an experience that feels like home sweet home.

Whether you’ve got a multi-story house to get packed up or a compact apartment to move into, we’re equipped to handle the job in a timely, safe, and efficient manner.

Commercial Moving

Our commercial moving services cater to businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large corporate facilities. We have the expertise and resources to efficiently move office equipment, electronics, inventory, and more, minimizing downtime and disruption to your operations.

We can even disassemble your modular office furniture so it’s safer to transport – and of course, we’ll reassemble it upon arrival so you can get open for business faster.

Local Moving

Whether you’re moving across the street or across state lines, you can expect the same sense of courtesy and care. We’ll handle the logistics, transportation, and heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on settling into your new space.

We have the expertise and resources to protect your belongings and respect your time no matter the distance to your new destination.

Moving Services That Go Above and Beyond

In our years of dedicated service to clients throughout Dallas, Richardson, and McKinney, we’ve expanded our offerings beyond just standard packing and storage. These additional services provide even more value, convenience, and flexibility to our customers.

Junk Removal

When you’re moving out and decluttering, it’s common to end up with a lot of junk. These items are not worth keeping or putting in storage, because they’re too old or damaged to be donated or sold. So what should you do with them?

Leave them to us. We will haul off and dispose of your unwanted items, including:

  • Old furniture, appliances, and office equipment
  • Yard and construction debris
  • Old clothing, toys, books, and magazines

These services are highly valuable if your new location has some items that were left behind by previous owners. The same is true if you are moving out of a residential or commercial space and want to leave a clean, tidy location behind.

CleaningS ervices

Professional cleaning services are hugely beneficial during a move. Like junk removal, these services can tidy up your old area, which could help you get your security deposit back. Especially for commercial organizations, leaving a clean area is also important for your reputation.

Cleaning can also be helpful for sanitizing your new location, making it safe for you and yours to move into. We’ll sweep and vacuum floors, clean out cabinets, wipe down surfaces, dust the entire property, scrub bathrooms, and clean kitchen appliances.

From hauling off the trash to tidying up the area, we’ll help you make sure your old and new locations are both spotless. Everyone deserves a neat and tidy transition to their new home, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with us.

Get All Your Moving Needs Handled Here

With Around the Block Moving Company, you’ll get all the moving services you need in one place. Our team can help you prepare for the trip, declutter, pack up, clean up, and get settled into a clean, tidy space once you arrive.

We specialize in:

  • Residential and commercial moves
  • Local and long-distance moves
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Professional packing supplies
  • Moving labor and transport
  • Secure storage spaces
  • Junk removal
  • Professional cleaning

Why choose us? We’re fully licensed and insured, rated an A+ with the BBB, and have 20 years of experience. Whether you’re moving or you just need some helpful services to clean up and clear down your property, give us a call.

Contact us today to discuss your moving needs and get access to our comprehensive selection of services – we can start you off with a free quote.

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Serving all of North Texas and DFW including suburbs.


Around the Block is the #1 Local Moving Expert in Dallas

Even if you’re only moving a few miles or few minutes away, it can feel like a very long journey.

The moving process makes us realize how much furniture we have, how many miscellaneous items we’ve accumulated, and how much space it all takes up.

Sure, when you get to your new location, you’ll be happier as a result – but how can you make the process of going from A to B easier?

The answer is to turn to a local moving specialist you can trust. Around the Block Moving Company has earned a great reputation in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

We’re passionate about this region – and what’s more, we’re passionate about giving every customer a moving experience they’re 100% satisfied with. Even if you’re just moving across town, give us a call.

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Whatever the Occasion, We’ve Got the Solution

There are many reasons you may want to move your home or business to a new nearby location within the local community.

Sometimes you simply outgrow your current environment. Maybe you’ve welcomed a new member of the family, or your company has scaled up recently. Perhaps your current location is having problems or you’ve simply found another spot that you like better. But we promise, you won’t find a moving company you like better. We bring:

  • An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • A trained, licensed, and insured team of experts
  • 24/7 service to make the move work with your schedule

We’ve got the full range of services that makes your local move a breeze. Even if it’s only a few miles away, we’ll give it the same thorough attention to detail that we would for a move across Texas.

We Plan Your Move with Complete Transparency

The moving process is a very personal experience. Your home or business represents a part of you, so uprooting it can be a big commitment no matter where you’re going. You want a company that you can trust to be honest and straightforward with you. 

You can call on us to create a custom moving plan based on your specific needs and any particular concerns you want addressed. What about pricing? You can get a free estimate so there will be no surprises when the bill comes.

Professional Packing with Materials Provided

The packing process can feel like a chore by itself, which is why it’s wise to have helping hands at your service. Asking family, neighbors, or coworkers for help could result in a subpar job or even injuries. We use professional techniques honed to perfection during our 25+ years in the moving business.

We also bring all the necessary materials to protect your belongings. Even if they’re only going down the street, we’ll secure them safely using supplies like:

  • Boxes and crates chosen based on the size of your items
  • Bubble wrap, blankets, and padding to protect every object
  • Paper, foam peanuts, and tape for added security during transport

Local moves deserve the same level of care as cross-state moves do. No matter how sensitive or fragile the items are, they’re in good hands. We can also move larger items with ease using our handcarts and dollies. Every piece of furniture, office equipment, or other will be taken care of.

We Take Care of Your Needs at Both Locations

While the moving process is focused heavily on packing, we know that this isn’t all there is to it.

Sure, getting everything boxed up and loaded up is crucial to the moving process. But at its core, moving is about making one location feel like home while saying a proper goodbye to another. We’ve got you covered from beginning to end, at this location and the next.

Need Help Setting Up at the New Location?

Not only can you count on us to disassemble your furniture to pack it up from your current location, but we’ll also help you set it up at the new location. We’re especially skilled with modular furniture which is common in many offices.

We can recreate your current setup to make the new location feel familiar, or reconfigure it to your specifications to truly create the ambiance of a fresh beginning. 

This is one reason we label boxes prior to moving them – when we know what everything is and where it goes, it makes the process of unpacking much easier.

How About Cleaning Up the Old Location?

Just because you’re moving out of your old location doesn’t mean you’re not concerned about the shape you leave it in. Leaving a clean location could be important for your company’s reputation, or for getting your security deposit back.

Our junk removal service is ideal for when you’re packing up and realize you’ve accumulated a lot of trash or items that you don’t want to bring along. No need to pack what you don’t want, and we’ll be happy to dispose of it. We also offer housekeeping services for your former and upcoming residence. 

This is part of our commitment to keeping the local Dallas and Fort Worth area clean and tidy for all!

Around the Block Has Your Local Moves Covered

Even if you’re just moving around the block, Around the Block Moving is at your service.

Sure, some people look at local moves and think they’re easy. But the truth is that they’re just as complex as going long-distance. In some cases, they can be paradoxically harder because people underestimate them.

We’re local moving experts who are familiar with and passionate about this community. Once we know where you’re going and what all you need moved, we’ll get to work creating the plan and putting it into action according to your standards.

Excited to head to a new home that’s better for you to enjoy the community in? Eager to move your business to an upgraded location so you can continue serving the local market?

We’re excited and eager to help you get there! Around the Block Moving books up fast, so make sure you contact us today about your moving needs. You can also give us a call.

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