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So you’re done with the packing and the actual move…now it’s time to face the unpacking and organizing phase of the process. Becoming organized after a move, and doing it the right way, sets you up for a clean, comfortable home for many years to come. Here’s how you can start.

Know Your Habits and Make Small Changes

Your cleanliness habits will set you up for success — or not – when it comes to being organized now and in the future. First, take a look at your current habits. Do you tidy up for a few minutes each and every day? Or do you tend to let things build up, get cluttered, then get overwhelmed with a big mess?

Do you view your closet spaces as “out of sight, out of mind” and let them pile up with stuff, or do you crave neat little rows with each piece of clothing on its own hanger? Whatever you don’t like about your habits, make a small change first. For example, rather than let your dishes “soak” in the sink at night, wash them immediately after dinner.


Nothing makes the new digs look disorganized more than gradual pileups of clutter. Papers, clothing, boxes, and toys will start to make their way all over your home’s surfaces and countertops if you don’t pay close attention. Actually, research shows that your home impacts your happiness in some pretty big ways. So, cleaning can actually boost your mood!

By avoiding the de-cluttering process every few weeks, just get organized from the start. Put things where they belong every time after using them, making an effort to clear off the counters and clean out the cupboards regularly. Don’t throw everything into a junk drawer to deal with later. Sort and address mail right away so it doesn’t pile up and then you get frustrated that bills aren’t paid.

Hand the kids their own laundry basket to fill up with stray toys at the end of every day, and tell them to put it where it belongs. These small steps can go a long way toward ensuring you don’t accumulate clutter in the first place.

Take Your Time When Unpacking

The ideal way to get organized and unpacked after moving is to slow down and take your time. It’s not a race. If you are able to take time off work, or can hire a sitter for a few hours a day, go for it. You will appreciate not having to work all day only to come home to more work unpacking boxes. If you can send the kids to day care or a sitter each day, then you won’t have little ones underfoot undermining your efforts to pack and stay organized with pleas of “can we have a snack?” or the classic “I’m bored!”.

Allocate large chunks of time so you are able to think strategically about where you should store things and how you should organize them all. Reduce the rush, keep your spirits high, and stay the course! It will get done, just not all at once. Your sanity will thank you.

Start With Essentials

Try not to over-analyze when it comes to organizing after moving. Start off with the most critical stuff and go from there. Make sure the bedrooms are made up so you have a comfortable place to retreat after a long day of unpacking. Make sure the bathroom is set up with basic toiletries so you can shower and refresh when you need to. Set up your kitchen, at least with the basics of some dishes, utensils, cleaning wipes, and essential appliances.

Do all of these things before worrying about unpacking your book collection or color-coding your closets.

Make a Cleaning Schedule You Will Stick To

Once you determine how to get organized after your move, the next step is to commit yourself to keeping it clean for the long term. Create a cleaning schedule and revisit it often so that you are constantly reminded of everything that needs to be done on a regular basis to keep the household going. For deep-clean chores, you will want to take off the couch cushions and vacuum, for example, or launder your pillows and blankets. Also, outline what needs to happen on the daily, such as wiping down counters or mopping the kitchen floor. Getting organized with a chart will help you in more ways than you realize!

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