If you have decided to take everything with you on your move, including all major appliances, you will face more physical and logistical challenges than if you were to leave them in the old digs. That’s all well and good – if you have an experienced residential mover on your side who handles major appliances every day.

It’s common for  people to take their appliances with them, because they like them, they know they work, they know they’ll match with the décor in the new place, and they’ve already taken the measurements to ensure they will fit. Plus, buying new appliances is a very costly endeavor. Whatever your reason for bringing them with you on your move, make sure your movers know about them and have seen them during the in-person estimate process.

Here are some things to consider when moving large appliances.

Refrigerator and Freezer

Timing is important when moving these appliances. You don’t want moisture to collect inside, which means you’ll need to defrost them first, dry them out and clean them thoroughly. This should all be done at least two to three days before the move. Discard any perishable items and adjust your grocery list for the last few days accordingly. You may just want to do simple sandwiches or takeout during this time.

If you are hiring your movers to perform packing, they will have to take all shelves and drawers out and pack them separately.


A dishwasher should also have no moisture inside when moving. Open the door and allow it to vent for a few days. Take out all water hoses and pack them in clearly-labeled boxes so you can find them easily in the new house.

Washer and Dryer

Before you even consider prepping your washer and dryer for the move, confirm that the new house will have all the proper connections. You don’t want to arrive in the new home only to discover that your existing washer and dryer won’t work with the connections there. Not only did you have to move those large appliances at great expense, now you have to get rid of them properly and buy new ones.

If all is good, clean and wipe the washer and dryer down thoroughly, disconnecting all components. Place all of the hoses neatly inside the washing machine so they do not get lost.

Stovetop and Oven

The stovetop and oven combo has the most detachable parts of all  your large appliances, which is why it’s imperative to keep them all together and wrapped tightly. You don’t want them to get damaged during the move. It’s wise to hire a professional to disconnect the components, especially for a gas range, which can pose a safety risk.

Contact Around the Block

Around the Block Moving Company is skilled in handling moves of any size. Many movers won’t take large appliances due to the risk of damage, but we do. Contact us now for a free quote and to book your move.


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