Moving furniture and placing it in storage can be stressful if you don’t have a plan. If you are facing a move in Texas and need a temporary place to put all your stuff before moving day in the new digs, it’s helpful to partner with a mover that offers storage services. For example, here at Around the Block Moving Company, we offer short- and long-term storage options for your residential or commercial requirements within secure, private and state-of the-art storage units.

Here are some tips to prepare your furniture for storage.

Clean Furniture Thoroughly

Don’t store dirty furniture. This will only serve to eat away at it over time, causing odors, the growth of mold, and damage to the pieces. Try these cleaning tips:

  • Wooden or plastic furniture: Use a mild soap and water to protect the finish.
  • Clean fabric items with fabric or upholstery cleaner.
  • Polish metal sections with metal cleaner and a polishing cloth to remove tarnish.
  • Make sure everything is dry before storing.

Strip Down the Parts

You should never attempt to move furniture whole. Strip down any parts or accessories first to make it easier to move, including shelves, lights, drawers, piano legs, and pins. All those parts can shift during transit and damage the unit, plus when you keep them intact, it’s much heavier to move a piece of furniture.

Wrap it Up

Items planned for storage should be protected on their outer layers. Typically, you can do this by wrapping the furniture in blankets. But if you have antiques and other fragile items, you should store those in a wooden crate. Mark the crate as “fragile” so that extra care can be given.

Stand Furniture Up Straight

Furniture should be stored on its feet in storage in order to best distribute weight. The legs are designed to take the brunt of the piece’s weight, maintaining distribution while in storage for long periods of time.

Special Considerations

Take note of the storage needs for the following:

  • Patio Furniture: This is the easiest kind of furniture to store because it can be stored as-is. It’s used to harsh climates because it’s made to accommodate for outdoor conditions.
  • Fabric couches: These items take a bit more TLC. During the transportation process, don’t stretch tape over the fabrics, as it can leave a sticky mark on the surface.
  • Leather: It’s best to wrap leather with shrink wrap for the ultimate in protection. Just like fabric, don’t use tape because it can harm the leather and leave marks.

Contact Around the Block Moving Company

To inquire further about our storage services in North Texas, please contact us at 214-433-6763 for a free quote.




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