Moving homes ranks right up there on the list of stressful and frustrating moving experiences people will go through in their lifetimes. Cleaning house also tops the list of loathsome tasks homeowners face on the daily, which means cleaning in preparation of a move can sound like a nightmare.

But no worries. When you have a plan to get organized, you can ensure a successful cleaning regimen, backed by professional movers who can get you from place to place.

Your goal is two-fold before moving day:

  1. Leave your old home in ship-shape condition so it’s spotless when the new buyers move in. If you are renting an apartment, cleaning is imperative if you want to get your full security deposit back.
  2. Make sure the new place is cleaned to your liking so you can move in without too much headache.


Here are some tips to make cleaning easier and more effective for you.

1.     Gather Cleaning Supplies

You will want to pick up the following:

  • Disinfecting cleaners and wipes
  • Glass cleaners
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Cleaning and dusting cloths
  • Plastic/nylon bristled soft scrubbers
  • Variety of brushes and sponges
  • Furniture polish
  • Mop
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Fabric protectors
  • Broom with dustpan
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bucket
  • Step stool

Keep these items in a laundry basket or box, separate from the items that will be loaded onto the moving truck. You will need these items to clean the old home, and then the new home right when you arrive.

2.     Prepare and Clean Items You Will Take With You

It’s a good idea to clean your household items before the move: who wants to take along accumulated dust and dirt, stains, grime, germs and bacteria to their new home? Also, wiping down your items before the move will make your job much easier when it’s time to unpack. Empty and clean all furniture pieces and household appliances before packing them up.

3.     Give the House a Final Cleaning

Once everything has been loaded onto the truck, it’s time to give the old home a thorough cleaning one last time. This should be much easier without all those boxes scattered around. A good rule of thumb is to clean from top to bottom, back to front, says Moving.com. If you don’t do it this way, you could soil already-cleaned surfaces and have to wipe them again.

  • Tackle “dry” cleaning tasks first (dusting, vacuuming, sweeping).
  • Clean task-by-task rather than room-by-room.

The Details

Now, it’s time to get a bit more detail oriented! You can do this a day or two ahead of time if you wish.

1.     Touch Up the Walls

Remove any hooks, nails and screws and fill in the holes. Paint over any visible marks, scratches or dents, and make sure no stains or smudges remain on the surfaces. Wipe down walls, base boards, doors and doorknobs using a wet washcloth. Vacuum or wash all ceiling and wall vents.

2.     Wash the Windows

Using a glass cleaner, wash all the windows, glass doors, mirrors and other glass surfaces in the house. Don’t forget to clean the blinds and window sills.

3.     Clean the Floors

Vacuum the carpets and remove any stains you find. Sweep tile, vinyl and hardwood floors, then mop them clean using an approved cleaning solution, not water. Remove dust and cobwebs in all nooks and crannies. Dust all the surfaces, then vacuum the upholstery and the drapes.

4.     Finishing Up

Wash all lampshades and other light covers that remain. Dust ceiling fans, and be sure to replace burned-out light bulbs. Dust and clean light switches and outlets throughout the house. Clean fireplaces of debris and ashes. Empty all wastebaskets and take out the trash before hopping in your car for the move to the new place.

By doing your part to clean your old house for the new homeowners, you’re showing them that you value their partnership and want to help them get off to the best start possible. After all, you would want the old homeowners for your new house to do the same for you, right?

It all starts with a plan. A couple of weeks before moving day, come up with a list of tasks and cleaning chores you will have to tackle in the days immediately surrounding your move. This will ensure a seamless, clean transition.

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