Junk Removal Before Moving: How It Helps

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If you have a lot of extra junk in your home that you don’t need and you’re facing an impending move, this is the perfect time to get rid of it all. You’ll spend less on movers and you’ll purge your life of things that no longer serve you. Plus, you won’t have to pack, organize and haul quite so many boxes. You can do it on your own, but you could also hire your mover if they offer junk removal services. Side note: we offer junk removal here at Around the Block Moving Company.

It can be overwhelming to face junk removal alone. Hire someone who can help so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Why Do We Hold Onto Junk?

There are several reasons why people hold on to junk through the years. It may hold sentimental value to them, or they may believe it has monetary value and don’t want to get rid of it. Others assume they will need the item in the future but they forget about it in the meantime. A move forces us to face our cluttering tendencies as we decide what really needs to stay and what can go.

Benefits to Junk Removal

There are many benefits to junk removal prior to a move.


If all those old toys, clothes, and furniture pieces are no longer needed because you’ve outgrown them or they have gone out of style, consider donating them to a worthy charity so they can benefit someone else. Knowing your items are going to a good home will give you peace of mind instead of having them collect dust in an attic.

Make Money

To make a bit of extra cash, you may consider selling items that are still in good condition. You can do this online or you can hold a yard sale one of the weekends before you move. Moving isn’t cheap, so it will help to have a bit of extra cash to fuel the rest of your move.

Save Time

It’s stressful and time consuming enough to pack for a move, but when you add in extra boxes or cumbersome items that you don’t really need to bring to the new place, you’re adding stress to your original stress! Time is in short supply when moving as it is. Don’t add to that time crunch by bringing more items than you need to. You’ll also thank yourself later when you start to unpack.

More Room for New Things

Junk takes up a lot space that could be better used for new items of value or that you use much more often. Many homeowners stuff unused junk in their closets, basements, attics, garages and closets, but that takes up valuable space that could be better utilized.

Refresh Your Home’s Look

Removing junk prior to the move will give you the opportunity to have a sleeker, cleaner living space that’s not filled with clutter. A move is a chance to start over, so use this time to rethink your junk accumulation practices before you start out in your new home. Take a fresh perspective in the new home for a more organized, simple look.

Why Hire a Professional?

While it’s possible you can box up your junk, haul it out to your car and bring it to the dump or at the curb for trash pickup, why would you want to? Especially if there are many large or awkward pieces, you could risk tweaking your back or neck hauling them out of the house. And if you think the regular trash guys will take large or questionable items (TVs, paint cans, etc.), think again.

When you hire a professional, they take everything out of the home for you and dispose of it in the proper manner. No worrying about where you’ll get rid of the junk. They take it off your hands so you can get back to the more important parts of your move. And when you hire your mover for professional junk removal, you’re keeping all services within one company and may be able to bundle the services for one low price.

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