Taking the Next Step: Moving Advice For Couples

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Are you planning to move in with your significant other? It’s an exciting time in your relationship, for sure, but it can also pose some challenges if you’re not prepared. This is a big transition in the life of a couple, and it could make or break your future. So, before taking this major step in your relationship, heed these tips so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Do it at the Right Time

Timing is everything, but every couple’s timeline for when to move in together will be different. Some couples decide to move in together after a couple of months, while others wait years. Still others only decide to move in when they’re engaged or married. Whichever works best for you, be sure you are on the same page.

Yours, Mine, or Ours?

The next big consideration is where you will live. At his place? Hers? A totally new place that’s a first for both of you? What you choose will depend on the size of the living quarters, proximity to both work locations, lease agreements, rent price and more. If one decides to move into another’s existing space, boundaries will have to exist between the couple to ensure that the apartment or home becomes an equal space. Sometimes moving into a brand new, neutral space is best for a fresh start, says Space Wise.

Talk About Pets and Kids

If you’ve gotten this far in your relationship, you’ve hopefully had at least a couple of casual conversations about whether you both want kids or pets together. But if not, now’s the time to talk about your future. If you’re not on the same page about parenthood, in particular, this can save you from making a big mistake.

Make a Plan for Guests

Talk about your partner’s preference on entertaining, hosting and having guests over. One of you may be reclusive and like quiet nights in watching TV and getting takeout. Another may like to host parties every weekend or invite friends over for beer while watching the game. Before you move in together, set some ground rules for entertainment.

Do a Trial Run

If you’ve never stayed overnight together in the same place, do a trial run so you can get used to sharing a space. Stay over at his place for a week and see how it goes. Or book a long weekend together at a cozy mountain cabin. This way, you’ll be able to really see how the other person lives, whether they’re messy or clean, whether they like to cook or do the dishes, and who likes to go to bed at what time.

Come Up With a Budget

It’s very important to discuss finances before moving in together.  If you’re not on the same page about who pays what bills, who grocery shops, etc., you could run into some snafus later over these misunderstandings. Come up with a budget together, creating a system for paying bills, opening up a joint checking account, and setting spending limits.

Divide Household Chores

You may love cooking but hate cleaning the dishes. She may not mind buying the groceries but hates putting them away. You may be a champ at folding clothes and doing laundry, while he would prefer taking out the trash and recycling. Come up with a chore list that works for you, as well as a timeline.

Take Inventory

Deciding what goes and what stays can be tricky. You may have the newer couch, but he may have the better dining room table and chairs. You’ll have to make compromises so everything fits. After all, you’re fitting two households into one so it stands to reason you can’t keep everything.


To that end, you’ll have to start downsizing well before you move in together. De-cluttering is a must when combining households. Take inventory of what you both have and then start paring things down. You don’t need two blenders or toasters. But if neither of you has an indoor grill, you may want to pick up a new one. Just be sensitive to the other person’s feelings.

Donate What’s Not Needed

As you de-clutter, decide what is no longer useful and should be tossed, and what can be donated. You may have an extra TV or tablet you don’t need. Or you may have a bunch of clothes that no longer fit you. Donate them to a local thrift shop or shelter.

Keep Some Sentimental Items

You don’t need 10 coffee mugs, your old stuffed animals from childhood, or all the posters that used to adorn your walls. But there are always a few things that hold sentimental value that you should hold onto, such as your favorite cozy sweatshirt from college, your late mom’s jewelry box or a childhood blanket. You do need reminders of your childhood and single life, so don’t get rid of everything in the interest of combining households.

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