7 Signs it’s Time to Downsize From a Home to a Condo

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Whether you’re planning to retire and just don’t need the space or you’re tired of performing maintenance on such a big property, there are many reasons that may spur you to downsize from a house to a condo. You may have built your home, raised your kids there, and held countless birthday parties, BBQs and get-togethers there.

But at some point, such a large house doesn’t serve your purposes anymore and it becomes impractical to maintain that lifestyle. If you’re on the fence about moving from a house to a condo, here are some signs that it’s time.

1.    The Maintenance is Too Much

This is a big one, especially for older adults and seniors who are no longer able to take care of a lawn and a big sprawling home. Tasks such as mowing the grass and cleaning a multiple-room house can start to take their toll, particularly where mobility issues have become a concern. Maintaining the landscape, climbing ladders to clean out gutters, and scrubbing floors in a large home are tasks best suited for the young. If you find it hard to keep up with the house after all these years, it’s time to consider a condo. Not only is your home much smaller, with fewer rooms to maintain, you can simply pay the condo fee and outdoor maintenance is taken care of for you.

2.    Mobility is Declining

It can start to take a lot of effort to climb stairs, navigate long hallways and schlep up and down to the basement to do laundry. If your physical health is declining or mobility is a factor, downsizing to a small one-floor condo just makes sense. If you buy a new construction condo, you can have it fitted with mobility aids such as wider hallways to fit a wheelchair or walker, or grab bars in the bathroom.

3.    Money is Tight

Regardless of how young or old you are, perhaps you realize the monthly mortgage payments and related expenses are just too much for your budget to handle right now. Perhaps you got laid off from your job, or you took a leave of absence to raise your kids; whatever the case, condo living may present a more affordable option for those with tight budgets.

If you’re facing retirement, you no longer have that income to support a large monthly mortgage payment, as well as maintenance and utility bills. It’s important to preserve your nest egg for your retirement so you can travel and do anything else you’ve been dreaming about.

4.    Clutter is Building Up

It’s human nature to collect “stuff” to fill the space we have. So even in a large home, you may be experiencing a lot of clutter, with no space to put anything anymore. Perhaps you’re ready to purge such stuff from your life so you can lead a more minimalist lifestyle free of the dust-collecting items that no longer serve you. Downsizing gives you the opportunity you need to get rid of what’s weighing you down and only keep the most important things.

  1. Your House Feels Empty

A large house that was once a noisy, bustling, activity-filled place to live just a few years ago can feel hollow and silent after the kids move out. As the years roll on, your neighbors may leave, your kids get married and have their own kids, and your friends retire to Florida. You may feel like your home doesn’t define you any longer, and is no longer the hub of activity it once was. Moving into a smaller place gives you a chance to start over with new memories and new friends.

6.    The Money Would be Better Spent Elsewhere

If you’ve paid off your mortgage, you now have equity and the chance to downsize and make a profit for cash to invest in other endeavors, such as vacations, college funds for grandkids, and the like.

7.    You’re Never Home

If you love to travel for recreation or you’re always on the road for work, you may find yourself spending minimal time in your home. It may not make sense for you to pay all that money for a home you hardly spend time in. Downsize to a condo, pocket the difference, and free up your time and money.

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