Like a Puzzle: How to Pack Properly

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Packing for a move and getting everything to fit in the truck is like a puzzle. You need to be strategic about how you pack and store things to make the most efficient use of your time and space. 

Here are some tips on packing various sizes of household goods so they don’t break or get damaged during the relocation.

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Don’t Pack Tools First

Leave your tools for last. That’s because there are likely many things in your house that will need to be disassembled first before moving, such as furniture, drawers and pool tables. You will need easy access to your tools in order to achieve these tasks. 

Wrap Fragile Items Sufficiently

Pick up some bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam so you can properly pack your fragile items such as lamps, artwork, dishes, wine glasses, and frames. Avoid using newspaper because the ink can transfer to certain items. Be sure to wrap fragile items loosely, because if you wrap them too tightly they can get broken. 


Glasses typically break not because they weren’t wrapped but because they weren’t placed in the box properly. After wrapping each glass, put them in the box standing up. They can break easily when laid down. Seal the box with tape on the top and bottom. Mark the box “fragile” and put the destination room on there as well. 


China should all be individually wrapped. A thin layer of paper won’t cut it. You need plenty of bubble wrap and paper to wrap each item as well as use as a cushion between each piece in the box. This will help avoid damage on the truck as it bumps along the road. 

Pots and Pans

They may be metal but that doesn’t mean you should just throw them in a box and tape it up. Wrap them in a thin layer of paper so they don’t get scratched or dinged.


Again, don’t toss your silverware into the box haphazardly. Place flatware in small bunches and wrap, placing each bundle safely in boxes. Silverware is very heavy and can break delicate items so don’t put silverware with breakables in the same box. 


Wrap paintings with oil-based colors with a non-acidic clear wrap, followed by a layer of bubble wrap. Place the bundle in a picture box and tape all sides.

Lamps and Lamp Shades

These should not be packed in the same box. Wrap lamp bases with bubble wrap and place them in a box with paper cushioning. Wrap lampshades with clean, white paper. Keep it to one lampshade per box to be safe.

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