What to Consider if Your Business is Moving to McKinney TX

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For commercial organizations, a change of scenery can be the key to greater success – what about moving to McKinney TX?

Even if your business is already running well, you can reach new heights in a new location. If you’re moving to a city like this, you’re opening yourself up to a wealth of new possibilities.

This county seat of Collin County is home to 200,000 people, and only 30 miles north of Dallas. It’s a wonderful city in an amazing region, packed with plenty of potential customers who are eager to meet you and see what you have to offer.

Since commercial moves are done with the intent of benefiting the organization, they must be planned strategically. This means knowing what to look for in McKinney moving companies and considering how they can help you in your journey. Here are some crucial matters to consider when moving businesses to McKinney TX.

Why Moving to McKinney TX is a Positive Change

Whenever companies make even the slightest change in their business, they do so with the intent of driving a return. Luckily, this spirit of innovation and progress is rooted deep within the history of McKinney.

Incorporated all the way back in the mid-1800s. The city was originally founded as a trading post for settlers moving westward. It quickly grew into a bustling community with a thriving economy based on agriculture, commerce, and industry. Making business moves in this area puts you in a prime location to excel.

Here are a few reasons why McKinney is so popular for commercial moves:

  • A Perfect Location: McKinney itself is a very sizable city. However, its place in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area gives it added benefits. Major transportation routes make it easy to access the city from multiple directions. It’s a fine hub for those who want to welcome new customers on a regular basis.
  • Business-Friendly Policies: McKinney offers some features that business owners appreciate. These include a low tax rate and a streamlined regulatory environment. The city also holds many events, which are perfect for building partnerships and facilitating professional collaboration.
  • Industry and Organizational Diversity: Businesses in McKinney TX come in all sizes. From major corporations to small startups, every type of organization is represented. There’s also a varied range of industries. Healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and retail are especially popular.

If you’re considering relocating, it’s helpful to know the area before you go. This city has so many positive qualities for professionals, it’s no wonder we see so many new companies in McKinney TX every year.

Don’t Forget the Attractions and Amenities

Even the most dedicated professionals can’t work 24/7. Finding a new place to base your company is about more than just finding a suitable professional environment. You need a city that provides avenues for you to relax, unwind, and reward yourself for all your hard work.

How about the city’s amazing menu of restaurants? You can’t work on an empty stomach, after all. Plus, imagine having dinner with some colleagues or partners after a big win at the office? Maybe you could have some drinks together at one of the area’s various bars? Or you could spend some of your hard-earned money exploring downtown McKinney TX?

Once you’ve got the layout of the land, and you know what the area offers for both professional and personal purposes, you will likely be more excited to move. The next step is to focus on how you’ll get there.

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4 Top Concerns When Making Commercial Moves

When you’re moving to McKinney TX to start a new chapter in your company’s history, you likely have a lot on your mind. While every business is different, many business moves focus on the same concerns.

You’re likely thinking about how you’ll get all of your items transported safely. There’s also the concern of making sure your new facility is set up to welcome you and support your efforts. Along these same lines, you may be focused on leaving your old unit in good shape when you go. Don’t forget about making the move as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize costs and downtime.

Let’s discuss each of these concerns individually, and highlight why they’re important to plan for ahead of your relocation.

1. Protecting Your Property

Is there anything more important to a business owner during a move than protecting their property? This obligation is based on the fact that every item you have represents an investment in your future. From inventory and supplies to furniture and equipment, anything on your property contributes to your success.

This makes it absolutely vital to get these items to their destination safely. Consider how many of your belongings may be sensitive or hard to move because of their size, shape, or makeup. Some items of concern include:

  • Electronic equipment and computer hardware
  • Inventory items that are fragile or perishable
  • Heavy items like large machines or office fixtures

The list could go on and on. What about all those cables that could tangle up in transit? Or your printer ink cartridges that could leak? The key to handling all these items with care starts with making a list of whatever is going. You could make this list on your own, or with the help of your preferred moving company in McKinney TX.

Once you know what’s going, you can get a plan to move each piece. A detailed list provides guidance on the space, labor, time, and supplies required to move everything. Of course, it’s not just the property you’re moving that you need to be concerned about.

2. Preparing Both Facilities

The space a company has to work in is as important as the equipment itself. Moving can be exciting because you get access to a new location. If you want the environment to be as fresh and welcoming as possible, you can make a few preparations ahead of time.

Consider enlisting the help of professional cleaning services to get your new work facility spotless. Since a clean workplace is a safe workplace, this additional courtesy will benefit both your team and your future customers. Such a move can show everyone what type of company you have and where your priorities are. It can also increase retention and repeat engagement.

Though your mind may be on what lies ahead, don’t forget what you’re leaving behind. When you’re leaving a workspace, it’s still a good idea to leave it in good condition by having it cleaned. This provides multiple benefits, including:

  • It could help you get your security deposit back
  • It shows courtesy to the owner and future occupants
  • It allows your company to maintain a positive reputation

In addition to the cleaning services which can also be used at the facility you’re leaving, you can use junk removal services to clear out items you don’t need and are not taking with you any longer. These services are also helpful if you arrive at your new location and find the previous occupants didn’t take everything when they left.

3. Building Your New Setup

workers in office with boxes looking at plans

Once you arrive at your new location, you’ll be eager to open up shop. Business moves are often built around a specific plan, and this plan should always include design strategies for the new space. Some professionals may desire to replicate their new old setup in their new location. But others may want an updated layout, which itself could be enabled by the new facility. Examples of improvements include:

  • Adding more equipment and workstations in a bigger facility
  • Spacing out your existing fixtures for a roomier setup
  • Installing new rooms and departments for a largescale upgrade

The best way to make sure your new setup comes together is to plan it out beforehand. Doing this is much easier if you have detailed information about the new space, including a detailed floorplan that includes dimensions. When you’re reaching out to moving companies in McKinney TX, make sure you share this information with them, so they can help with the unloading process.

When there’s a plan going into the new location, it’s much easier to get set up quickly which allows you to open up as soon as possible. This brings us to the last of the major concerns all professionals have during business moves.

4. Minimizing Downtime During the Move

As important as it is to plan your move and handle the process strategically, you also want to move the proceedings along. Business owners are likely eager to get to work, whether they’re moving to McKinney TX to transplant their organization or open a new facility.

Commercial moves are just like any commercial workflow or project. Everything you do during the workday is an attempt to maximize quality while minimizing resources expended. The same is true when it comes to relocating businesses in McKinney TX. Companies want to protect their equipment and handle the moving process in a logistical manner, which could involve:

  • A specific packing and loading order
  • Scheduling for departure and arrival
  • Time blocks for each aspect of the move

There are ways to expedite the moving process and ensure it proceeds in a timely fashion. One strategy is to declutter before heading out. This decision to offload items allows you to travel lighter, spend less money, and speed up the process. Professional storage services provide the ideal secure space you need to house belongings that you’re leaving behind temporarily or altogether.

As you can see, many of these concerns interconnect with one another. For example, you can give better protection to the property you are taking by minimizing the total amount of items you’re bringing. You can also set up the new location faster if it’s cleaned and decluttered beforehand.

Since the move is such a complex and interdependent process, it helps to have the best commercial mover on your side.

Finding the Best Commercial Moving Company in McKinney TX

Packing up your business and moving to McKinney TX is too tough a task to handle alone. The physical and mental strain can be immense for a project of this size, so it’s always important to reach out for help.

Some companies may consider asking their employees to handle this task. However, this is not advised. Moving is a very technical task that requires proper training. Doing it without specialized skills can result in property damage or injuries to those carrying out the process. When you hire a skilled group like the one here at Around the Block, you can feel confident knowing our team is:

  • Fully licensed as a testament to our professional approach
  • Fully insured to provide a double layer of property protection
  • Highly experienced with 25 years in the field
  • Highly acclaimed with plenty of positive reviews

We’re not just a group of people who can move boxes. We’re a proven relocation expert, and our goal is always your complete satisfaction. But even this isn’t enough on its own when you’re looking for the best commercial mover for your professional relocation. You don’t just want a moving professional, you want one that excels in a business environment.

We’re Experts at Relocating Businesses

Business moves are a specialty of ours. As a group of industry professionals, we bring a commitment to excellence that our fellow businesspeople will appreciate. We also take care of everything through our own in-house team, so you don’t have to search around and spend more in order to move.

We provide packing, loading, and transport services. We bring top-quality moving supplies and disassemble/reassemble your modular office furniture. Add in our cleaning, junk removal, and storage services, and we’re a complete relocation solution.

Get Everything You Need When Moving to McKinney TX

We mentioned earlier about how you want to make your move as quick and as affordable as possible. Having everything you could need from one trusted source is a sure way to streamline the process of moving businesses in McKinney TX while also adding value to the experience.

Are you ready to reach out and get down to business with your commercial move? Then connect with us today for a free moving estimate. Our transparent quotes make it easy for you to accurately budget in your relocation. You’ve got a business to run, so leave the moving work to Around the Block Moving Company.



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