Why Moving to Plano TX is a Good Idea

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When planning on moving to Plano TX, whether for business or pleasure, you may have some reservations about the relocation. It may not be because you’re trepidatious of the area but more because you’re unsure of the community you’ll be moving to. That’s why you have to do some homework before moving to Plano, which is just 20 miles from downtown Dallas.

About 288,000 people live in this city nestled in Collin and Denton counties, part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Here, you get access to serene close-knit neighborhoods and a great school system, which is music to your ears if you have kids. And if you love food, and who doesn’t?, you will love all the authentic Texas cuisine found here in Plano.

Parks and Much More

And with stellar recreational amenities and opportunities, you can’t go wrong. In terms of the healthcare, it doesn’t get better than the Plano area, which is home to more than 80 hospitals. Love to spend time in nature? You will love visiting the more than 84 parks boasting a wide range of landscapes (from flat plains to winding bike trails) and more playgrounds than your kids will know what to do with.

Plus, if you’re here for a job, you will be happy to know that Plano is a center of corporate businesses. This is also good news if you’re a business owner, as the area brings a lower cost of doing business than Dallas. As such, you may want to establish your headquarters here. It’s still plenty close to Dallas but not as costly, and your employees will appreciate the shorter commute.

This ninth most populous city in the state also was once ranked as the safest in the nation by Forbes.

Here are some reasons why moving to Plano is a good idea.

1.    There Are Plenty of Public Transportation Options

The greater Dallas area gives you extensive access to the DART system, which is an abbreviation of Dallas Area Rapid Transit. This convenient and easily accessible public transportation line spans the whole metro area, which includes 13 cities, of which Plano is one. DART comprises rail, bus, rideshare and paratransit systems.

2.    The Cost of Living is Decent

While still a bit above the national average, it’s much more affordable to live in Plano when you compare it to other big cities such as LA, Boston, or New York. Plano is a place where you can get relatively affordable housing and lower property taxes. In fact, Salary.com once named Plano one of the best places to build wealth.

3.    The Education is Top-Notch

The public schools in Plano are considered “outstanding” by Money, with most schools enjoying a 9 out of 10 rating (test scores). Top-rated schools in this area include Fowler Middle School, and Wyatt, Anderson and Gulledge elementary schools. The largest school district in Plano is the Plano Independent School District, comprising 80 schools. For colleges, you’ll find Texas A&M and the University of Texas nearby.

4.    There Are Many Things to Do

There’s no shortage of ways to keep busy in Plano, no matter what your hobbies or pastimes are. For those who are really into history, check out the Heritage Farmstead Museum. This is an actual homestead built in 1891 and is Plano’s most cherished living museum. Now, if nature is more your speed, don’t miss hiking, biking, or walking the Arbor Hills Trails.

Now, we know many of you are huge sports fans, and you certainly won’t be disappointed in the selection. Your favorite Dallas teams are all here, and you don’t have to go far to attend a game at one of the many professional sports arenas in the area. Also, check out the many entertainment districts as part of downtown Dallas’ bustling dining and nightclub scene.

5.    Industry is Thriving Here

If you own a business or have relocated here for a new job, you couldn’t have picked a better place. Plano is well-regarded for its many corporate headquarters, but there are also plenty of small businesses and start-ups here that offset the large-scale companies and manufacturers. Plano is located along the Telecom Corridor, dotted with many business parks.

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