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Local moving is usually a move that takes place within a 100 – 200-mile radius, and is often within your county. Local moves do not involve leaving your current State. The cost for short Plano moves is based upon the number of workers, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence.

Other Factors that may Determine the Cost of moving in Plano. Packing is a major issue. The more you pack yourself – the more you save on labor, time and packing materials involved in transporting your items. Save the Mover time at the destination – be prepared to tell the Movers what is going where. The more correct the information you provide your Mover when he is quoting you, the better your chances are to have a smooth and “on budget” move.

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Tips and Info on Packing Picture Frames:

  • If you want to have added protection for the corners of your favorite picture frames, you can purchase specialized cardboard protectors just for this need at any crafts store.
  • Stack series of packed pictures on their edges inside a padded box designated for fragile materials such as glass.
  • Make sure they’re secure by packing objects around them – packing peanuts can
  • ATB Movers will make sure all of your possessions are completely secure (we are fully insured) – and extra attention and padding will go to making sure picture frames and other glass works are undisturbed during the process.

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How We Help You With Your Upcoming Plano Move

When you are faced with a corporate or residential move to Plano, TX, your first thought may be: who can help me get there? Around the Block Moving Company is the clear answer, as we have many years of experience moving people in and out of Plano, home to 286,000.

Around the Block Moving Company is proud to offer a wide spectrum of moving services in and around Plano to make your transition easier.

  • Residential moves
  • Corporate moves
  • Office moves
  • Local moves
  • Apartment moves
  • Packing services
  • Piano moves
  • Cleaning services
  • Storage services
  • Modular office furniture

Whether you help with a standard local move with minimal belongings or you are prepping for a big office move involving a lot of furniture and computers, Around the Block Moving Company has the solution. Not only do we have experience with the logistics of a Plano move, we are well-versed in friendly customer service, so you enjoy a comprehensive, well-rounded suite of moving services in Plano. We want your move to be successful, and we work hard to achieve that goal.

All About Plano and the North Texas Area

There are many reasons. This is a city on the move, located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas. It’s a hub for corporate businesses, so if you’re looking for a lower cost alternative than Dallas for your headquarters, Plano is an excellent nearby option. It’s the ninth most populous city in the state, considered to be the safest in the nation by Forbes.

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Plano has beautiful close-knit neighborhoods, a strong school system, authentic Texas cuisine, affordable living and a variety of recreational opportunities. Plano, and the surrounding area, is known for its excellent healthcare, with access to more than 80 acute-care hospitals across the region. If you love the outdoors, you’ll enjoy the 84 parks located throughout the area, with a terrain known for its flat plains, interconnecting biking trails and huge trees.

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