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So you’re prepping for a move and you get to the packing part: easily the most complicated of the process. You may hit a wall in terms of what you should be prioritizing. Here’s what to pack first and last to clear up any confusion. We’ll list them in order of what to pack up first, progressing down to the last things you should pack.

Out of Season Items

If it’s summer, pack coats and sweaters first; if it’s winter, pack tanks, flip flops and shorts first. Basically, if you’re not wearing those clothes, then you won’t need them anytime soon, so feel free to pack them away. Take the same approach to holiday décor. If it’s summer, pack the holiday stuff first; if it’s December, pack the 4th of July stuff first.

Backups and Surplus Items

If you are one who likes to stock up on extra supplies, such as toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, etc., you won’t need those anytime soon, so feel free to pack those next. Then you’ll be ready to replenish your stockpile in the new place.

Old Photos, Papers, and Documents

Old bank statements, photos, papers, documents, baby scrapbooks and homemade cards from your kids 20 years ago can safely be stowed away at the beginning. Actually, this is a good time to purge those items. Keep only what is necessary. Take photos of the bulky craft projects and trash the rest. Keep only recent statements, or shred the paper documents if you have digital backups.

Wall Decor

You don’t need your paintings, signs and decorative wall décor to survive the next few weeks, you can now pack that stuff away for safe keeping. Pack delicate items properly and safely so no damage occurs.

Fancy Plates

Your China doesn’t need to stay till the last minute. You probably don’t even use it anyway! Keep a set of everyday flatware and linens out for now, while packing away the fancy stuff.

Extra Linens

If you’re a week from moving, it’s safe to say you can pack the extra sheets and pillow cases because you won’t need them between now and then. Keep a couple of towels and pack the rest.

Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances

Consider which pots, pans, and utensils you will be using up till the move and set aside the rest. You likely won’t be needing your cake pan or second toaster between now and moving day.

Entertainment Items

Things like board games, books, movies, CDs, DVDs and more can be packed beforehand. Again, this is a good time to declutter and get rid of those items you no longer use or want. Be practical. If you have a bunch of CDs but no CD player, sell the CDs before you move.

Electronics and Chargers

TVs, computers, e-reader and smart phone chargers that you use every day should not be packed yet. But for items such as televisions or laptops you don’t use, take the time now to properly pack them and their associated chargers and cords.

Medications, Toiletries, First Aid Items

Keep some first aid supplies on hand till the last minute in case of emergency, as well as extra toiletries and backup toilet paper rolls and bars of soap. Everything else can get packed. Leave out prescriptions or Epi-Pens though for easy access. You’ll also want to keep out some toothpaste, soap, saline solution, etc. for daily use till you leave.

Office, School, and Craft Supplies

Keep the basics such as a couple of pencils and pens as well as scissors, but pack up those huge packs of crayons, paint supplies, and notebooks that you don’t need right now.

Cleaning Supplies

You can’t move cleaning supplies that have been opened already, so keep those till the last minute and pack away all the supplies that are still sealed. You will need those in the new place to clean the kitchen and bathroom upon move-in. Take extra care when packing cleaning products.

Specialized cleaning supplies such as stain remover and grout cleaner can be packed up earlier, while you may want to hang onto laundry detergent and multi-surface sprays.

We hope these tips have helped you in deciding what to pack now and what to pack later!

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