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Moving with small kids can be a big challenge, especially if you have a lot to pack and organize along the way. You may be stressed, but don’t forget that your kids are too, even if they don’t know how to say it. When relocating with the fam, heed these essential sanity-saving tips to ensure your upcoming residential move goes seamlessly.

1.  Talk About It

Throughout the process, hold a few family discussions along the way to talk about everyone’s feelings in a nurturing, comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Familiarize your kids with the new area by bringing them to a nearby park, introducing them to exercise classes and gyms, or hitting the local theater. Compile a scrapbook featuring all their memories of their old home, which will help them reclaim some level of control over the situation.

2.  Research Schools

Enrolling your kids in a brand new school in a new city can overwhelm the best of us. Don’t know where to start? Think about how your child learns best, and what they want out of school. What kind of environment do they do best in? This will help you choose the best school system for your children. Remember, you will have to get their shot records from the family physician, and reach out to their teachers for school supply lists.

3.  Create an Apres-School Plan

If you work full time, the issue of childcare after school will be an issue. Take a look at any after-school programs in the area, asking teachers or administrators about possible community programs, such as the YMCA, private day cares, or the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. If your child is old enough to stay alone at the home after school, have a key made and go over some ground rules.

4.  Check Out the New Neighborhood

Once you’ve settled into the new place, or even before you’ve officially moved in, go on an adventure to explore the new neighborhood. Walk the block, go to local museums, hit some fun trampoline spots so the little ones can let off steam, and attend library story times. It’s important to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and convince your kids to reach out to kids their age in the neighborhood. It’s easier for little ones to become fast friends, but for you as the parent, it may be a bit harder. Ways you can meet new people? Volunteer at school or charity events, volunteer for school field trips and mingle with other parent volunteers, sign up for classroom parties, and join the PTO. Set up playdates for your kids as well. For young kids who still nap, establish start and stop times, and limit how many kids attend to minimize melt downs. Maybe another parent will soon return the favor so you can finish unpacking!

5.  Keep Socio-Emotional Factors in Mind


It’s not uncommon for kids to feel the anxiety of their new world. There’s the physical toll of moving all their stuff out of their old bedrooms and playrooms and into new ones. On top of that, they have to deal with social changes and emotional impacts that are associated with any type of move.

If that weren’t enough, they may have to worry about adjusting yet again to continued online learning environments due to the pandemic. That’s a lot of stress for kids. They likely won’t share those concerns with you outright, though. They may act out with bad moods, anger, silence or depression. The American Moving and Storage Association says that your child may be apprehensive about events that may have prompted the move in the first place, such as parental job relocation, financial strains, or divorce.

They may also be insecure about how they’ll make new buddies, or if anyone will accept them, as well as academic stress that involves new curricula, standards, policies, and online learning guidelines.

And of course, they are feeling sad about leaving established friends, teachers, and neighbors, not to mention their physical home base that used to give them security.

As parents, it’s tough to juggle all this without getting stressed out yourself. It’s important to be open and honest with your family, encourage sharing feelings, and overall, just be patient with everyone. Take your time, let professional movers take the details off your shoulders, and stick to a plan.

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