5 Reasons to Hire Professional Packers

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You’ve decided – you’re moving! Whether it’s across the corner or over the country – moving is a huge ordeal (as we’re sure you’ve learned). There are a lot of details to attend to, and at the end of it all – there’s packing up all your stuff, loading it carefully, and transporting it to your new destination. That alone can take a lot of time, planning, effort, and equipment.

You’ll have to spend hours carefully wrapping, labeling, and boxing. You’ll need to rent a truck for sometimes thousands of dollars alone and determine the best route to take. You’ll need to lift heavy furniture into the truck, sometimes with limited help or no help at all.

Or, you could not do any of that and hire professional movers instead. While there are many reasons to hire professional movers, here are five of our favorites:

1. Hiring Professional Movers is Cheaper than Doing It Yourself

Maybe that seems like that can’t be possible – but moving supplies cost money! Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, furniture straps, hand carts, moving blankets, and other supplies cost more out of pocket than you might think. This is not to mention the transport vehicle, which can cost over a thousand dollars to rent all on its own.

By the time you’ve put in all of the money to buy your supplies, you are nearly equal if not over the amount of what it would cost to hire professional movers. That’s before you’ve even wrapped a single dish. When you hire a professional moving service, you are likely paying one flat fee.

It may seem like a big number at first, but when you factor in everything you would have spent on your own supplies, labor, and equipment, it is money well spent!

2. Professional Packing and Moving Services Saves You Time

Moving can bring about a really complicated set of emotions. There can be a lot of excitement and a lot of anxiety. Even if you’re not moving hours away, it’s common to feel a sort of grief when preparing to move. Maybe you have a lot of memories in your current residence, or maybe you’ll miss your neighbors or your family that’s only minutes away.

The time you spend packing, organizing, labeling, and other tedious tasks would be better spent making memories and enjoying the time you have left in your current environment. Hiring professional movers to do all of your packing frees up your schedule and allows you to focus on what’s really important when preparing a move.

Additionally, using a professional packing and moving service can make a significant impact on your moving timeline – what would have taken you weeks may only take moving service days or even hours.

3. Professional Packers Save You the Effort

We’ve all heard the old adage “time is money.” Well, your time is money too! If you’ve ever moved before, you know the experience itself is very time-consuming. Not to mention that the process of lifting and moving dozens of boxes and large items of furniture is extremely physically taxing and can result in injury.

Professional movers do all of the heavy lifting for you. This leaves you to do the important job of planning the layout of your new home and creating memories with the space you’re leaving behind.

If a person isn’t physically able to do a lot of moving with furniture or boxes, hiring professional movers is a great way to alleviate the physical and mental stress of figuring out the best way to get all of their things from Point A to Point B.

4. A Professional Packing Service can Prevent Damage to Your Belongings

Trying to move a bookcase, a dresser, or a piano alone or with even another person can result in injury or loss of property. While there are furniture moving supplies that you can buy to make moving large pieces of furniture easier, such as moving straps or furniture dollies, it can still be risky to attempt.

Professional movers are fully insured and bring teams of people to move your furniture safely, without damage to them or your belongings. They can navigate up and down stairs and bring all of the necessary equipment with them, without extra cost to you.

Hiring a professional moving service is a great way to avoid accidental injuries by attempting to move large pieces of furniture without experienced help. In the issue of a worst-case scenario like broken furniture, a professional mover should be able to fully reimburse the cost due to their insurance.

It’s very important that any mover you hire should be fully insured because while rare, accidents can happen. Professionals should be prepared for that. Professional movers are well-equipped with all of the best packing techniques to prevent damage to your belongings.

5. Professional Packers Make Your New House Feel Like Home Faster

It’s easy to forget that there are two parts to moving – moving OUT and moving IN. Professional movers relocate all of your belongings from your old lodging to your new house.

Thanks to their organizational skills and moving capabilities, all of your things should be in the new rooms where they belong. What would have been a weeks-long process of identifying, moving, and unpacking boxes can instead lead to a fully set-up home in no time. That’s because movers don’t just pack for you – they can unpack for you too!

From start to finish, professional movers can make your move seamless. Instead of spending hours individually unpacking each dish, hanging up clothes in the closet, and moving furniture from room to room, professional movers can help make your new house feel like home right from the start.

Using professional movers can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle – but don’t just take our word for it. Hiring a moving service means that a process that would have taken weeks might now only take hours, and you can start to feel at home immediately.

The process of moving can be stressful enough, choosing the right professional movers shouldn’t have to be.


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