Moving your entire family – a spouse, children, ​and pets – brings a high level of stress to even the most organized person. To combat this stress and difficulty, and stay involved and excited about the relocation in the meantime, check out these tips to prepare for a family move.

Support Your Spouse

If you are the one who has to move due to a work relocation, this means your spouse has to give up their current employment position as well as their family and friends, as they support you in your career ambitions. This is a big step, one they may not let on just how difficult it will be for them. Be sure to recognize that sacrifice and make sure they know how much you appreciate their selflessness. Go over all the positives of moving and assure them life will be just as fulfilling in the new place.

Break the News to Your Family

When small children are told they’re moving, they may feel scared, uncertain and overwhelmed. They may feel like their whole world is collapsing, which makes sense since their whole world is their home. It’s what they associate with love, support, safety and family, so by taking this away from them, they may feel extremely frightening. Be patient and talk with them about the change well in advance.

Older kids and teens may combat the move with anger and fear because they will have to leave school, friends and their familiar routine. Break it to them easy. Show them the new neighborhood, map out new places to hang out, such as malls and playgrounds, and take a tour of the new school if possible.

If you have an elderly parent living with you who will also be making the relocation alongside your immediate family, take the time to realize how difficult this will be for them. Remember, their memories are very tied to their things, their house, their room. Talk about the decision together and make sure they know they’ll have their own room and space in the new home. Research libraries and senior centers in the new location so they can start looking forward to the transition.

Moving Pets

Don’t forget about your pets. They are sensitive to change too. If your pet isn’t used to traveling by automobile, take them for short car rides before the big move. Purchase a pet carrier to make sure your pet makes the trip in comfort and safety. Bring along a favorite chew toy or other comfort item for your pet so they can make the transition easily.

Settling In

Once in the new home, take the time as a family to explore your new community and neighborhood. Go for walks, adventures, and outings to learn everything you can about the place you now call home.

Contact Around the Block Moving Company

To book your move in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact us for a free quote at 214-433-6768. We will help make your transition as easy as possible for the whole family!

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