Biggest Fears Parents Have About Moving

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Most common fears parents have about moving. Moving is hard for parents – especially the moms. After all, you’re moving your whole family from one house to another, and you’re responsible for everything going smoothly. Not only do you have to figure out the logistics of the process, you have to coordinate utilities, transfer school records, and generally make sure the kids are doing OK with the relocation.

This results in a lot of stress and uncertainty on the part of parents. Here are some of the most common fears that moms and dads have about moving.


No doubt, moving is expensive – especially as a first time home buyer. You have to make sure you have enough money in the budget to move, as well as enough money to fund your lifestyle in the new home while worrying about an increased mortgage in many cases. To prevent too much anxiety about finances, start socking away money as soon as you know you’re moving.


Finding the best school for your kids in the new place is another big source of stress. You want your kids to thrive in their new school community so it comes down to you and your efforts to find them the best match.

Worrying about your kids getting a great education is certainly a big factor. If the public schools don’t end up being good, you could always send them to a private school. However, those are costly and come with big tuition bills. Explore all schooling options before the move.


Choosing the right neighborhood is key. There are a lot of considerations that go with this, such as traffic, crime level, safety, wide open spaces vs. congested city streets, walkability, presence of other kids and more. Researching the various neighborhoods in your new city is key to getting peace of mind.


Moving represents a big interruption in routine, which affects kids in many different ways. Your teen may become sullen and withdrawn, or your toddler may start to act up and give you behavior problems. Once you know you’re moving and where, sit down with your kids to let them know as many details as you can so they are in the loop. Preparing them for the journey will help them accept it and deal with it in their own way.


You may be having second thoughts about the house you chose, or if you haven’t settled on a new one yet, you may be confused and stressed over which house would be best for your growing family.

Will you rent or buy? Will it be big enough for everyone? Is the mortgage too much? What repairs and updates does it need? How will you decorate it? What furniture can you fit in it from the old place? What will you have to buy once settled in the new house? These are valid concerns, and ones you have to work through before proceeding.

Friends and Loved Ones

Moving often means leaving friends and family members behind. Your routine and your connections will be broken, but these things don’t just affect you – they affect your kids as well. Your kids will have to leave their current school and start over at a new one. You will have to find a new job and make new friends and co-workers.

Encourage your kids to join clubs, get involved in sports, and participate in community activities to stay busy. Look into support groups or parenting groups you can join. Get involved in local events, visit the library, join Facebook groups and more so you can learn about your new community and how it can serve you in the best way.

Getting to know your new home and town is critical in easing stress. Embrace this new opportunity and welcome everything it teaches you. With any luck, you will fit right in, meet other parents, and connect your kids with new friends. Before long, you will feel right at home.

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