Perhaps you’ve been contemplating a move to the suburbs for a while now and want to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. Whether that’s because you’re buying your first home after getting married, or your family has been growing over the years, there’s lots to love about living in the suburbs, from less congestion and traffic to more green spaces and safer neighborhoods.

Check out these eight signs that you’re finally ready to move to the ’burbs.

1.  You’ve been thinking about it a lot

Not many people wake up one day and announce they suddenly move to the suburbs. Rather, you likely arrived at this decision after months of contemplation. If you’ve been thinking about making this type of move for months or even years, it’s time to finally bite the bullet. Do your research and have patience. Just like you didn’t rush the decision to change your lifestyle, you can’t rush the decision over which neighborhood to move to.  

2.  You’ve researched the suburb options

If you have found yourself spending hours scrolling through real estate listings, checking on school ratings and researching towns, you may be ready for a move to the Dallas suburbs. This is particularly true if you have actually gotten in your car and cruised through the neighborhoods of your choice every weekend. You may have even done this at multiple times of day to scope out commute times and school bus traffic. If you’ve gone this far, you’re definitely ready to make the leap, says Moving.com.

3.  You can afford to live wherever you want

One thing that may have been holding you back in years past is the cost of moving to the suburbs. The homes are bigger here and often come with a higher price tag than what you’re used to, especially if you’ve been renting a small place in the city. But when you really take the time to compare rates, you will find that homes in the suburbs are a better value. Sure, you may have a bit of a commute into the city for work, but at least you’re investing in your own home. If you are finally in a solid financial place in your life and your budget can support it, this is the biggest indicator that you’re prepared to move to the suburbs.

According to Dallas Business Journal, homes in Grayson, Collin, Ellis, Navarro and Rockwall counties in North Texas are selling the fastest right now.

4.  You want good schools for your kids

One of the most common reasons you may be thinking about a suburban move is to be near the city’s top public and private schools. You may have already witnessed the overcrowding and underfunded city schools and long for a better rated school in a safe neighborhood.

5.  You want more outdoor space

Living in a city means you have to compromise on outdoor green space, thanks to shared roof decks, tiny balconies and public parks. If you’ve been daydreaming about a big yard where your pets and kids can roam free, the suburbs are where it’s at.

6.  You crave peace and quiet

When you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and can’t take the noisy sirens and loud traffic anymore, become an urbanite and you’ll revel in the peace and tranquility of spacious neighborhoods.  

7.  You want more square footage

It’s easy to run out of room in a small city apartment. Ready for a larger home with more square footage to fit your growing family, hobbies, work from home adventures and more? Get more bang for your buck in regards to real estate in the suburbs. More space equals more room to put stuff, from furnishings to décor to gadgets.

8.  You’re ready to own a car again

Are you sick of taking public transportation? Let’s face it, subways, buses and taxis aren’t always convenient, clean or pleasant ways to get about town, especially with small kids. And in the age of Coronavirus, taking public transportation can even be perceived as a health hazard. If you’ve been longing for the simplicity of jumping in your own car and going directly where you need to go without stops for everybody else, a move to the suburbs is in your future.

Bottom line is, there’s really no perfect place to live (hey, both the city and the suburbs have their own quirks and advantages), but the decision to move to the suburbs will all boil down to your lifestyle preferences, your budget and your family’s needs.

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