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Planning a move to Plano TX? Great decision. There are many great things about relocating to this city on the move, located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas. First off, it’s a hub for corporate businesses, so if you are on the hunt for a lower cost alternative than Dallas for your headquarters, Plano is a nearby option that works very well. It’s the ninth most populous city in the state, and is considered to be the safest in the nation by Forbes.

From beautiful close-knit neighborhoods and a strong school system to authentic Texas cuisine and a variety of recreational opportunities, Plano and the surrounding area is also known for its top-notch healthcare. In fact, you get access to more than 80 hospitals across the region. If you’re a nature lover, take advantage of the 84 parks located throughout the area, with a varying landscape of flat plains and bike trails.

Here are the five best things about moving to Plano.

1.    Cost of Living

The cost of living here is a bit above the national average, but it’s more affordable to live here by far when compared to large cities like New York, Boston or LA. Plano offers affordable housing with lower property taxes, and was named one of the best places to build wealth by Salary.com.

2.    Public Transportation

The greater Dallas area features the DART system, short for Dallas Area Rapid Transit. This public transportation line covers the entire metro area — 13 cities, including Plano. DART is made up of rail, bus, paratransit and rideshare systems.

3.    Education

Plano schools have a 9/10 rating (based on test scores) when it comes to the education system. Top-rated schools in the Plano area include Wyatt, Anderson and Gulledge Elementary Schools, and Fowler Middle School. The Plano Independent School District, the largest district in Plano, is made up of 80 schools. Nearby, you’ll also find the University of Texas and Texas A&M.

4.    Things to Do

There are many things to do in Plano, no matter what your interests are. If you’re a history buff, you won’t want to miss the Heritage Farmstead Museum, an 1891 Plano homestead that is essentially a living museum. Are you a nature lover? Hike, bike, or walk the Arbor Hills Trails. If you’re more of a sports fans, cheer on your favorite Dallas teams thanks to the close proximity of all the professional sports arenas. And you don’t have to go far to get to Downtown Dallas’ thriving dining scene and entertainment districts.

5.    Industry

Well-known for its many corporate headquarters, you’ll find a variety of small businesses, large-scale companies, manufactures and start-ups here. Plano sits near the Telecom Corridor and several business parks along the way.

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