Townhouse living is a sought-after way of life by many. Townhouses offer a great alternative to the expense and upkeep of a single-family residential home. Highlighted by a unique architectural character, townhomes share walls and multiple floors – usually only about two to three stories tops.

Occupants get more living space compared to an apartment and are perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle. Townhouse moves are a bit different from other types of moves due to the tight spaces, narrow stairwells and many staircases involved.

Here are five things to consider before buying and moving into a townhouse.

1.  Cost

Townhouses are typically more affordable than single-family homes. According to Zillow, the average price of single-family home in Dallas was $226,000, while the average sale price of townhouse or condo was $215,000 in 2020. Money Crashers says a townhome could run you tens of thousands of dollars less than an equally sized single family home. Townhouses tend to be well-maintained due to the smaller square footage, thus more likely to be updated by residents. Single-family homes cost more initially and require much more maintenance due to size, which means updates are few and far between.

The lower price point of townhomes makes them appealing to young couples and singles just starting out. Just be aware that many townhomes are run by an HOA, or Homeowners’ Association, with fees attached to the community that you must pay monthly or annually on top of your rent or mortgage. This fee will cover structural insurance, and any landscaping or maintenance needs. You can take advantage of amenities such as pools, gardens, community areas and gyms, and their use is included in your fee.

2.     The Move

Moving to a townhouse isn’t always as easy as a single family home. Lugging a couch up three flights of stairs is no picnic. That’s why you need to hire a professional mover skilled in townhouse relocations because they have the proper equipment and muscle to do the heavy lifting. They also know how to navigate around tight stairwells, hallways and corners without damaging the walls, railings or your belongings.

You’ll also have to consider how your mover’s truck will fit in the parking lot. Clear this with your HOA prior to the move so you can find out where the best place to park and unload is, whether on-street parking, the lot or a shared driveway.

3.  Fitting Your Stuff

You’re not going to be getting a whole lot of square footage in a townhouse. This may come as a shock, especially if you’re coming from a large home. Got a lot of furniture? Come up with an inventory to determine if all your furniture will fit inside. This will involve taking a lot of detailed measurements in the new place. Remember, townhouses have narrow staircases and hallways, so you may have a tough time carrying bulky items such as mattresses, couches and refrigerators without damaging them. This is where hiring a professional mover comes in very handy.

4.  HOA Rules

The rules and restrictions of the community are probably one of the most important considerations to think about before moving. From the pool and gym hours to how your house looks, you should be aware of some common do’s and don’ts, such as:

  • Do not make any alterations or additions to the exterior.
  • Do not hang towels on the patio rails.
  • Do not make loud noises on the property.
  • Do not park in restricted areas.
  • Pets are not allowed. If your townhouse does allow pets, it’s usually limited to one or two at the most, usually with a type and weight limit attached. If you do have pets, you have to keep them restrained at all times.

Because townhouses are maintained by the homeowners’ association, you will be expected to pay for the upkeep of common areas, usually on a monthly basis. Be sure to check the fee schedule before moving in so you know where your money will be going.

5.  Privacy

One issue you may have with your new townhouse is the lack of privacy, marked by close proximity to neighbors, shared outdoor spaces and thin walls. While townhouses do have separate entrances, it’s hard to enjoy the outdoor spaces as freely as you might in a detached house. You’ll probably be seeing and hearing your neighbors throughout any given day. Make sure this kind of living experience is something you are comfortable with.

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