Winter Decorating Tips for your Dallas Home

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Winter can be cold and dreary in northern Texas, but it’s also a joyous time with many holidays taking place. You may even appreciate the break from the scorching Texan sun while not getting too cold where you have to deal with the miseries of snow and lengthy winters. Nonetheless, with the right seasonal decor and winter decorating tips for your home in Dallas, you can turn your abode into a warm and cozy place that’ll brighten up gloomy days.

Considering the cooler weather and the holidays at the forefront of the season, you most likely will spend more time indoors. Holiday festivities in the spirit of giving may mean you’ll be having more guests than usual gathering with friends and family swapping stories, sharing food, and ending the year on a high note. 

This and more are things to consider when transforming your indoor and outdoor decor to reflect the season. Our list of winter decorating tips for your home in Dallas will hopefully guide you to developing a beautiful wintry display while staying conscious about factors that can easily be overlooked.

8 Winter Decorating Tips for Your Home in Dallas

Before we dive in, take a look at these interesting stats:

  • According to a YouGov poll, 72% of Americans decorate their homes for the holidays.
  • The YouGov poll also found that nearly 80% of Americans who decorate their homes for the holidays get their inspiration from somewhere whether it’s social media, TV, magazines, etc.
  • The average American spends around $269 a year on holiday decor, according to Rocket Homes Research.
  • The global market of holiday decor is in the billions – America being in the top 5 leaders – and expected to rise year after year.

We know the holiday season has been heavily commercialized for awhile and now with TV shows like The Great Christmas Light Fight, the endless holiday decorating shows on HGTV, nearly every magazine shifting their focus to holiday trends, and social media ads, posts, and videos in your face all day long, it’s hard not to be inclined to do a little holiday decorating.

If you’re passionate about adorning your home with wintry embellishments, then you definitely need to read our winter decorating tips for your home in Dallas.

1. Brighten your home.

Due to Daylight Savings, the days are significantly shorter. You’re most likely waking up and sitting down for dinner when it’s completely dark outside. A brighter room will make you feel more awake and happy. Add lighted decor to your rooms in the sense of color and the literary sense.

2. Add warmth.

In correspondence with brightening your home, with the right light you can also add warmth to your home with strategic ambience. Switch your bulbs out for a warmer glow – think yellow/orangish tints. Layer and equally disperse your lighting throughout the room too thinking about floor to ceiling levels of illumination. Invest in some real or fake candles of varying sizes to put on the floor, shelves, and tables. Add a tasteful amount of soft textiles and textures too.

3. Make sure your outside decor is weatherproof.

It’s easy to get your indoor lights mixed up with your outdoor lights. If you’re buying decor for your outdoors, the product usually will say if it can be used outside. When you bring it home, it’s a good idea to label it, especially those outdoor string lights. Also, for you DIYers, make sure the supplies you’re using are appropriate for the weather and think about weight too. You don’t want your project flying into the neighbors yard.

4. Consider your time.

Don’t plan something so outrageous that by time you’re done decorating, the season is halfway over. Plus, the holidays are stressful as it is. In fact, 62% of people in a Healthline survey said they were stressed during the holidays ranging from somewhat stressed to very stressed. You probably have more on your plate to take care of too besides decorating. So, keep it manageable. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

5. Think about placement.

That tiered Christmas box display in the hallway makes a statement but does it also pose a tripping hazard? Is your garland table runner taking over plate space? Don’t make your holiday decor more of an inconvenience. Make sure it’s not going to get into the way of your company or your daily activities.

6. Be mindful of bringing nature into the house.

If we learned anything from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it’s to be cautious about bringing nature inside. You may not have to be too concerned about a squirrel finding its way into your home but smaller bugs and other insects can live on leaves, holly berries, sticks, and other outside plants that you deem beautiful for indoor holiday decor.

7. Don’t break the bank.

The right planning is essential for this, especially if you have a design in mind and buy it all in one swoop to remodel your rooms or entire house into a winter wonderland. A good time to actually buy holiday decor is near the end of the season. It will limit you with options but prices are significantly slashed. Budget accordingly. Get creative where you can.

Furthermore, if any of your decor requires electricity, expect an increase in your energy bill. This is especially true for popular outdoor decor like strings of lights and inflatables.

8. Before and after storage.

This is a big one that many people don’t consider when they’re buying holiday decor, whether it’s for the very first time or they’re adding to their existing stock. Think about how you’ll store your seasonal decor and where.

Likewise, you may be planning on swapping out everyday pieces for your winter decor setting. You need a plan for storing these items in the interim. Home storage space can quickly be consumed so plan wisely.

How Our Movers Can Help With Winter Decorating in Dallas

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