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What You Need to Know About Moving with a Dog

Moving is hardly easy, but moving under special circumstances can become overwhelming fast without a plan. If you’re moving with a dog and you want to make the transition from one home to the next as easy as possible, this short guide should help. Read on to learn about how to pack, travel, and settle in when you’re moving with a…

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Winter Decorating Tips for your Dallas Home

Winter can be cold and dreary in northern Texas, but it’s also a joyous time with many holidays taking place. You may even appreciate the break from the scorching Texan sun while not getting too cold where you have to deal with the miseries of snow and lengthy winters. Nonetheless, with the right seasonal decor and winter decorating tips for…

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Top 13 Ways to Reduce Moving Costs in Frisco

With a move on the horizon to Frisco, home to 211,000, you understandably want to reduce your costs as much as you can. After all, moving is not cheap. There are many costs associated with relocating your house or office, such as hiring movers, transportation costs, gas and temporary lodging expenses. The cost of living in Frisco is 1% higher…

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Things to Do before Selling Your Home

Selling a home is almost always a whirlwind experience. If you’re going to avoid start-to-finish stress, you need to make a home selling checklist. According to homelight.com, it takes 66 days to sell a house from when you list to when you close. That’s over two months of working with a realtor, showing the house, fielding offers, negotiating, doing paperwork, and preparing…

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