10 of the Best Cities Near Dallas to Move to and Live In

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The Top Cities in Dallas to Live In

Texas is drawing more people “home” than ever before. Last year, over half a million people moved to this great state. In fact, our net gain keeps increasing year after year.

People are fleeing California for its exorbitant costs of living. Retirees are setting up house and home beside any number of Texas’ beautiful lakes. And young professionals stand a fighting chance with the state’s low unemployment rate (at least, prior to COVID).

One of the metropolises with the greatest attraction is Dallas-Fort Worth. And for good reason. There are a slew of cities in and around Dallas that, literally, have it all. There’s picture-perfect Garland, colorful Carrolton, high-class Highland Park, and, of course, Dallas itself.

As long-standing locals, we’ve toured through all ten of the great cities listed below. In no particular order, we present them to you, pulling out a little uniqueness from each hotspot. If you’re on the hunt for the best cities in Dallas to live, we’re sure you’re going to find what you’re looking for somewhere on this list.

1. Garland

We love Garland. Garland is one of those picturesque cities that trims its shops in twinkle lights and beckons residents and visitors alike to stay awhile. In fact, it belongs in a gilded picture frame with all its early 1900s charm.

This is the place where you’ll drive to its downtown district just to stroll. Check out the art galleries. Sip on some craft beer. Eat to your heart’s delight. Small businesses tend to thrive in Garland because so many people love to support these charming shops.

In Garland alone, there are over 40 parks and six recreation centers. That includes dog parks for ol’ Fido and aquatics centers for the whole family to enjoy. Garland is also able to boast a low crime rate and an excellent school district.

What does all this mean for the bottom line? Actually, Garland offers great value for homeowners. It has a low cost of living even though it’s located less than 20 miles north of Dallas.

The median price for a home is $209,050, putting it at a lower rate than the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan average. So, you can commute to your fabulous new job in downtown Dallas and still afford to put a great roof oover your head in this fabulous little town.

2. Dallas

How about the big city itself? Care to be a full-fledged downtown urbanite? You won’t regret choosing a highrise in Dallas, then. Dallas is doused in some of that big, rich oil money. Major corporations like Exxon Mobile headquarter themselves here in Dallas.

But, that isn’t the only entity keeping people employed. There’s also AT&T, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Neiman Marcus, and dozens of other heavy-hitters. So, pour in a low unemployment rate (prior to COVID), mix in its growth potential, and shake it all together with a decent cost of living, and you’ve got yourself a nice cocktail.

Of which, you really can’t beat Dallas’ entertainment scene. The Dallas Arts District is where you’ll go for a lot of your restaurants and shops. (Don’t be surprised if you see us at Yolk on Routh Street for brunch.) But, the Uptown neighborhood is also a great place to raise a pint with friends and family. Hopdoddy Burger Bar is where we go to satiate our desire for a burger and a beer.

Also, there’s almost always a festival, concert, or parade happening here. And don’t think this precludes Dallas from a fabulous array of outdoor activities. We love their botanical gardens and you can easily spend a day at White Rock Lake Park for some fishing, kayaking, and picnicking.

3. Richardson

If you’ve done the math and downtown Dallas puts your budget a tad over the edge, we recommend checking out Richardson. It has a decent-sized population of over 114,000, so you’re not going to feel like you’ve moved to a quaint little city.

Most residents own their own homes, which (potentially) means they don’t mind the 14-mile drive to downtown Dallas. Of course, several corporations are spreading out and opening up headquarters in many of the suburbs of Dallas like Irving, Plano, and Richardson. So, you never know where your commute will take you.

But, Richardson is the kind of place where you won’t mind sticking close to home on the weekends. We love their coffee shop culture, restaurant scene, and public parks like Prairie Creek Park. You can definitely invest in a home in the $200,000-range and sleep in peace at night knowing your children are in a good school district.

4. Frisco

While Frisco technically spans Collin and Denton counties, it is, indeed, part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Frisco has one of those old town feels, yet it’s clean as a whistle and oh-so-colorful.

Lately, large corporations have chosen to make Frisco their home. With that came a healthy population growth. So, if you’re looking to move your kiddos to a town where they’re likely to make all kinds of friends, Frisco should be on your list.

And, the reason we mention kiddos and not young Singletons is because Frisco is just a tad further north than most of the best suburbs to move to. This makes it a great commuter town where mom and dad can make their way into Dallas during the day and then retreat home to this family-friendly town at night.

5. Farmers Branch

Despite its rural-sounding name, Farmers Branch is one of the closer cities to Dallas that comes with an affordable price tag. Given its affordability, we tend to see a lot of young professional bee bopping around town.

It’s a great option if you want to be near the city, but not in the heart of the city. Meanwhile, with a population just under 30,000, it sprinkles in a bit of that small-town feel which can be nice for those who just spent the whole day in the big city.

Speaking of that small-town charm, we actually like to head over to Farmers Branch during the Christmas season. Vitruvian Park sets itself aglow with tens of thousands of lights. So, when you’re officially a Dallas-Fort Worth resident, be sure to pack a thermos of hot cocoa and head on over to  Vitruvian Park for a true Christmas spectacular.

6. Plano

Plano is so close to Dallas, we sometimes forget it’s not part of Dallas County. It’s actually another one that mainly encompasses Collin County, with a little bit of it dipping into Denton County. But, as soon as you drive into Plano, you’ll know you’re there.

It’s elegantly appointed with all the right shops and all the right brand names. The Shops at Legacy and Legacy West are where you want to go when it’s time for a new pair of Brooks Brothers pants.

Legacy West, Plano TX

Remember cute little Farmers Branch with its population of 30,000? Well, Plano clocks in at about 300,000. So, it’s surely a more well-established suburb of Dallas. It’s probably because some major headquarters have set up shop here like Toyota and Frito-Lay.

Still, job growth is expected to continue to soar here in Plano. And, given its beauty, elegance, and style, if you can afford it, it’s a great place to live and work.

7. McKinney

We had to sneak one more Collin County city in here. McKinney is a happy little place with a whole lot of history. In fact, it was established in 1848, making it one of the oldest historic districts in the great state of Texas.

This is where we head when we’re in the mood for an afternoon of antique picking and lemonade sipping. Bring your flip flops, too, because Towne Lake Recreation Area is the place to go for an afternoon spent in a paddleboat or kayak.

With all that nature, it still manages to sit close to all the major highways that’ll take you to the other major cities. But, going back to nature, we have to point out one of the best features of west Texas.

It’s fertile, verdant land. So, get ready to raise a glass because it’s also the resting place for many-a-winery. Our favorite one just so happens to be located in McKinney… Mitas Hill. We order up a bottle of Merlot and nibble away on their pizza when we have a free night out on the town.

Since this is, easily, one of the best Dallas cities to move to, let’s get to the most important details. McKinney is interesting because it features a low unemployment rate and a high median household income. People tend to move here because it offers a top-shelf product at a budget-friendly rate.

8. Highland Park

Highland Park is the golden nugget on this list. It’s not just one of the most affluent locations in Dallas; it’s one of the most affluent spots in all of Texas. The median income inched up over $200,000 this year and the median home value chings in at $1.9 million.

Highland Park, TX

It’s certainly a beauty, much like Plano and, to no surprise, boasts one of the best school districts. It’s pretty close to Dallas Country Club, one of Dallas’ most exclusive private country clubs. In Highland Park, the champagne bubbles ’round the clock and you’ll reap the rewards for all your hard days at the office. Having a Highland Park zip code says it all.

9. University Park

University Park borders on Highland Park. In fact, students here attend the Highland Park school district. We fell in love with University Park the first time we drove through it because of its quintessential tree-lined streets and verdant green lawns.

It manages to maintain another one of those small-town feels yet, at the same time, it’s one of the closest suburbs to Dallas. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

Just know that that cake is gonna cost ya. Given its proximity to Highland Park, the fabulous school district, and the fact that its a stone’s throw from Dallas., you’re going to pay for this decadent delight (but be oh-so-glad you did).

10. Carrollton

In a word, we’d call Carrollton colorful. This is where we go when we’re in the mood for some eclectic dishes. One of our favorite Indian restaurants is here in Carrollton, Al Markaz. There’s also a great Vietnamese spot, Pho Pasteur II in Carrollton Park Village. And, when we’re in the mood for some Jamaican food, we head on over to The Island Spot for authentic jerk chicken.

The Island Spot in Carrollton, TX

So, it’s young, hip, full of culture and color, and also affordable. And don’t think you have to sacrifice neighborhood safety for affordability. Plenty of young families are taking over Carrollton because they feel safe, invigorated, and close enough to get to the big city when necessary.

The Best Cities in and around Dallas

Do any of these cities in Dallas county ring any bells for you? As locals who travel in and out of each of these metropolises, we hope one of these lovely little gems has captured your heart.

Will it be cute-as-a-button Garland? Or how about the perfection that comes from Farmers Ranch? We know; colorful Carrolton’s already stolen your heart, hasn’t it? Whatever your fancy, we invite you to come, be our neighbors!

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