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How to Handle the Stress of Moving

A move is a stress-filled transitional period in anyone’s life. In fact, after divorce, it’s the number two big source of stress for most people. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you anticipate the challenges and curb them

fireplace burning with wood

How to Move a Wood Stove

Got a wood stove you have no idea how to move? This is a challenging situation, so first decide if it really needs to be moved in the first place. If the answer is yes, your next thought may be:

woman on porch with moving boxes and her golden retriever

Moving With Your Loyal Pup

Man’s best friend will always be by your side. That loyalty is unmatched in any human relationships! So you want to return the favor to your pup when facing times of major upheaval, such as a house move. While moving

What to Pack First and Last

So you’re prepping for a move and you get to the packing part: easily the most complicated of the process. You may hit a wall in terms of what you should be prioritizing. Here’s what to pack first and last


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